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Library Card Policy

Library cards are free for Clarion County residents and anyone who owns property within the county.  Library cards are also free for non-residents who possess a library card from an out-of-county Access PA library.  The annual non-resident fee for a library card is $25.00. If library cards are lost, a fee will be charged to replace the card. The replacement fee for a new library card is $3.00. A Clarion Free Library card can be used at all other Clarion County Library System branches and at Clarion University of Pennsylvania's Carlson Library.

To apply for a library card, please present valid ID or official mail (e.g. utility bill, insurance bill) as proof of current residence.  The minimum age for a child to receive a library card is 7 years; they must be able to legibly write their name on the application form.  Children (persons under the age of 18) must have parents co-sign the library card application.