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The first volume in Sullivan's prequel series, set 3,000 years before his Riyria epic fantasy books, is an uneven effort that peters off after an intriguing opening. In "the days of darkness before the war," men live in fear of the Fhrey, gods who reside across the Bern River. Raithe of the Dureyan clan and his father, Herkimer, have ventured onto the gods' lands, crossing the forbidden river in search of a place to live, farm, and hunt. Their trespass is quickly detected, and they're confronted by an immortal. After Herkimer refuses to surrender a cherished family sword, the confrontation turns violent, the god kills Herkimer, and Raithe avenges his father's death by slitting the god's throat. He's shocked that the immortal does not recover from the wound, and the ramifications of a man actually having killed a god drive the rest of the plot as the Fhrey begin a campaign of revenge. The bloodshed and political machinations are mild by grimdark fantasy standards, and the occasional modern phrasing is jarring. Agent: Laurie McLean, Fuse Literary. (June) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

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The epic backstory of Sullivan's Riyria Revelations is revealed in this stand-alone novel, a tale of a time that would become legendary. This fantasy begins with Raithe and his father hoping to find food and good land on the forbidden side of the river. Men, known as rhunes, live on one side of the river, and Raithe's homeland is barely able to sustain life. The Fhrey, believed by most men to be gods, live on the other side of the river in luxury. When they are discovered, they protest and Raithe does the impossible, killing one of the Fhrey. Meanwhile, in Dahl Ren, the old chieftain is killed in a hunting accident, and there are shifting allegiances and terrible news of Fhrey retaliation for Raithe's impossible action. The Fhrey send one of their magic users to make a lesson out of this upstart, but there are unexpected twists. The story is an engaging interweaving of legends and the accident, carried along with entertaining characters and flashes of potentially fascinating secrets about the world itself.--Schroeder, Regina Copyright 2016 Booklist