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High-school mean girl Brinkley is beautiful, wealthy and required to attend therapy because of her bullying. Brinkley does not understand what the problem is until she wakes up in the body of Miranda, someone on the opposite end of the social spectrum. Brinkley's jump into Miranda's body and life is not an isolated one. Over the course of several weeks, Brinkley is transported into the bodies of other losers to see what it is like to walk in their shoes. Unable to understand what is happening, Brinkley is forced to befriend Miranda. What develops between the two girls is an actual friendship that allows Brinkley to eventually see the error of her ways. There is nothing new about this story, the ending is largely predictable, and it takes several chapters to warm up to Brinkley and her entitled attitude. However, the writing is humorous and engaging, and captures the high-school scene. Readers will want to keep reading to be assured that Brinkley does come around in the end.--Yusko, Shauna Copyright 2010 Booklist

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Callous and ruthless Brinkley Harper has almost everything a girl could want: rich parents, beauty, popularity, and a boyfriend who makes "nice arm candy." But her mean-girl antics have caused four girls to transfer schools, and Brinkley is forced to get therapy or be expelled; she doesn't count on being assigned a therapist who gives Brinkley a supernatural dose of her own medicine. In a whimsical tale of transformation, Rue (Brand New Emily) explores what happens when Brink-ley's spirit enters the bodies of some less pampered peers, like a goth with an abusive stepfather, or a mercilessly teased overweight girl, or a Korean exchange student. It doesn't take long for Brinkley to understand the error of her ways, and Rue tends to hit readers over the head ("Brinkley had never before realized that she attached her allure to something beyond her long thin legs, tiny waist, and pretty face.... It was like she'd been fed a steady diet of lies since she was old enough to read princess stories") as Brink-ley's inevitable and too tidy change of heart unfolds. Ages 12-up. (Sept.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Gr 8-11-Moneyed, beautiful, and shallow Brinkley Harper reigns as the queen of Story High School. She is alternately dismissive and cruel as she navigates the daily social scene. Having caused the exit of four students due to her bullying, she must now meet regularly with a therapist or risk expulsion. In a twist on the Freaky Friday theme of switched identities, Brinkley inhabits the bodies of her victims, which allows her to develop empathy, a trait that her therapist deems missing after diagnosing her as a narcissist. The cast of characters is painfully stereotypical; the overweight girl, the goth girl, the science nerd, the catty BFF, and the dumb gorgeous boyfriend. Brinkley's acceptance of former nonentities is, unfortunately, still tied to her skewed sense of worth. The overweight girl is not totally lost because she has a keen fashion sense! The science nerd has hot abs! Miranda, the goth girl, comes closest to being a fully realized character. Ongoing therapy reveals to Brinkley that her hateful behavior stems from trust issues caused by her negligent, absentee parents. It's probably wishful thinking that a few hours spent in someone else's skin could heal such a deep wound, but Rue has Brinkley handing off her crown to her old BFF and happily signing up for membership in the "loser's club." The territory covered in Jump is too familiar to be truly compelling and the suspension of disbelief required doesn't quite jibe with the seriousness of the protagonist's emotional pain.-Karen Elliott, Grafton High School, WI (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.