About US

About Us

Library service in Cedar City is now well over 100 years old. During the past century librarians and boards have worked to assure quality library service to the citizens of Cedar City and Iron County. The current library was dedicated in 2003 and is the third permanent library building in Cedar City. We hope you enjoy your Cedar City Public Library.

Mission Statement:

The goal of the Cedar City Public Library is to provide prompt and friendly service to all patrons while realizing the commitment to collect and dispense information. As a center for recreational reading, community research and public service, the library serves as a source of self-education, personal enrichment and as a repository of local history.

Acceptible Use Policy (Internet)

Pursuant to Utah State Code 9-7-404(2)(b) stating: “The board shall establish policies for its [the Library’s] operation” and Cedar City Ordinance 22-7(1), the Library Board, with a quorum present, in a regular and public meeting held on the 18th day of May, 2010, hereby adopts the following Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

This policy pertains to any and all uses of the Internet within the Library including, the any public workstation, employee workstation, or any access to the Library’s Internet through wireless technology now or in the future.

The Cedar City Public Library also known as the Cedar City Library in the Park, hereinafter “Library,” offers the services of the Library to all residents of Cedar City and Iron County (hereinafter “residents”) free of charge. The Library supports the right of all patrons to use the Library and the materials of the Library without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or age. The Library encourages and supports the ideals of learning and provides information and literature for educational and recreational purposes. A room use policy is available for review and contains policy for use of the computer lab.

The Library provides wide and varied access to informational and recreational materials via print and electronic sources, including Internet. The Library encourages the use of the Internet for educational, informational, and recreational purposes.

The Library does not have control of information, data, or display of materials featured on the Internet. Certain sites may be considered offensive or potentially offensive to some persons. Due to the open nature of Internet workstations, patrons viewing Internet sites are strongly urged to be considerate of others.

Any use of the Internet for any illegal purpose is expressly prohibited and will be prosecuted. Use of Internet workstations for defamatory, inaccurate, essentially prurient, or obscene purposes is also prohibited. Use of Library Internet workstations for commercial gain is prohibited.

Unbridled and open-ended use of the Internet cannot be accommodated and the Library Director may, as necessary, limit general Internet use to accommodate the largest number of patrons. At no time will use restrictions be reduced below thirty (30) minutes per patron per day. Likewise, the Library Director may limit access to certain elements of the Internet use (such as games, chat, e-mail) to accommodate the largest number of patrons. Such restrictions will not be implemented unless Internet workstation use meets or exceeds 75% of the potential maximum use.
Pursuant to Utah State Code 9-7-215 stating: “No state funds shall be provided to any public library that offers use of the Internet or an online service to the public unless the library adopts and enforces a policy to restrict access by minors to Internet or online sites that contain obscene material.” The Library Director will, from time to time evaluate and suggest adjustments, as necessary, to this policy or the procedures enacted to comply with 9-7-215 and other federal or state legislation currently or hereafter enacted having affect or bearing upon this policy. Minors may be restricted from certain materials as suggested by appropriate law, ordinance, or enactments of legislation.

The Library currently uses software designed to filter material that may reasonably be considered obscene, essentially prurient, or pornographic (as defined by applicable law) and sites used to engage in gambling. Review and evaluation of such software and/or the continued desire or legal necessity for such software will be reviewed not less than every three years. The review and evaluation described in this paragraph will be conducted by the Library Director and a report shall be made to the Library Board and appropriate legal council. Such review shall include information regarding changes in law, policy, professional ethic, community ethic, and patron input. This policy shall be reviewed by appropriate legal counsel.


The following signage shall be conspicuously placed in computer areas:

1. Patrons using these facilities should be aware that the viewing of materials harmful to minors, including nude or partially nude images, is a crime and may be prosecuted under Title 76 Section 10 of the Utah Code.

2. These are public computers and used by several people each day. If a site you access asks for personal information and you enter that information it may become available to others. Legitimate sites do not require social security numbers, credit card numbers, debit or credit card PIN numbers, or ask confidential questions (like Mother’s maiden name) at the time of log in. If you are asked these questions, chances are that you are being scammed. Cedar City Library is not liable for theft or loss due to personal information that is entered by computer users.