Reviews for Seasons of the storm

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Seasons are meant to hunt and destroy each other, but what happens when two Seasons fall in love? Jack is a Winter. With the help of his Handler, he hunts down the Autumn who comes before him, kills her, and runs from the Spring who comes next—until she kills him in turn. This cycle maintains the seasons and the weather, which is why Seasons are regulated: kept to their own territories when out in the world and to their own sections of the compound they call home. But since the beginning, Jack has sought out gaps in the system, which may be why he finds himself drawn to Fleur, the Spring tasked with killing him. Monitored both by technology and the magical creatures controlled by Chronos and Gaia—the beings responsible for the Seasons—as well as watched over by their own skeptical Handlers, Jack and Fleur nevertheless take a risk that could destroy the delicate balance in their lives and in the world. Melding high-tech bunkers in London and secretive road trips across the U.S. with mythology and magic, Cosimano tells a story of the bonds of friendship and the power of hope for the future. Though the large cast is sometimes cumbersome, the themes of friendship despite differences and self-sacrifice nevertheless shine through. Jack and Fleur seem to be white while a secondary character is cued as Latinx. A solid urban fantasy with a novel premise. (Fantasy. 14-18) Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.