Reviews for The Time Keeper

by Mitch Albom

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Albom displays his usual flair for plumbing the emotional depths of the human spirit in this cleverly constructed fable. After Dor, the first man to measure time, becomes so obsessed with the philosophical concept and the practical mathematics of his discovery that he loses sight of what is truly important in life, he is banished to a cave and condemned to listen to the mind-numbing din of the time-centric pleas and prayers of the masses throughout the centuries. Granted a chance to redeem himself by rescuing two floundering contemporary souls, he brings together Victor, a dying business mogul determined to unlock the secret of immortality, and Sarah, a lonely and depressed teenager on the brink of suicide. Morphing into wise Father Time, Dor grants Victor and Sarah equally bleak views of the futures they are forging. Elements of the supernatural abound as invaluable life lessons are learned in this heartrending morality play reminiscent of both A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life. High Demand Backstory: Albom has proved time and again that tried-and-true formulas sell. In his latest morality play, he strikes a familiar emotional chord that will resonate with a wide cross-section of readers and translate into bestselling gold.--Flanagan, Margaret Copyright 2010 Booklist