Library Board Meeting Minutes

Bristol-Washington Township Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

July 26, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.

Members present: Tami DeLucenay, John Nymeyer, Scott Smith, Richard Rice, Cathy Schaefers, Carol Anderson (Library Director), Tehillah Moses (Treasurer), Cyd Sunday (Secretary pro tempore), and Kyna Morgan (guest).

Discussion took place concerning what to do with the 10' x 14; map of Elkhart County (which was spread out upon the floor). Carol will check with the Elkhart County Historical Muesum; perhaps the fire station could use it. The mpa was ordered and paid for in 2016 but only very recently delivered to the library.

Our guest, Kyna Morgan (Linda's daughter), is now considreing the office of Board secretary. Introductions were made, and during the meeting Tami added a few explanatory comments concering our procedures.

Minutes: The minutes from the June meeting were reviewed breifly. John commented concerning the lower participation in the summer reading program. The minutes were approbed as submitted (Nymeyer/Smith).

Treasurer's Report: Carol recieved a card from Linda, which was circulated.

--The State Library Consortium: Every year the library indicates that we will continue to be a member of the Consortium, and a sheet indicatiing such was passes among Trustees for signature.

--Louck's (CPA) advises we need to do a transfer of funds on accouting: the "office supplies" and "other supplies" lines are out of sync. A resolution to transfer funds was passed among Trustees for signature; the Resolution is effective as of June 30.

--A copy of a document entitled "Resolution No. 7-19-18R" (Declaratory Resolution Designating Economic Revitalization Area and Qualifying Certain Real Estate Improvements and Certain Personal Property for Property Tax Phase-in, adopted by the Town Council on July 19, 2018) was passed around for Trustees to see. Carol did not know why the library recieved it.

--As Tehillah will be resigning as Treasurer (August 11 is her final day --- and her baby is due August 21!), that position will be vacant. Carol said one person is interested in the position.

--Dawn makes $10.00/hour and does most of the adult programming. Carol opens the discussion of our considering a $1.50/hourly raise for Dawn. Tami suggested $12.00/hour. John moved that Dawn Powell's pay rate be raised from $10.00 to $12.00 per hour; Richard seconded the motion, and all voted in favor.

Old Business: The residential vinyl flooring (for the baths and lobby) that Carol ordered will not work for our commercial puropses; and we want the flooring to be consistent throughout the library, i.e., the kind in the history room. Tami said the library should go ahead and purchase what it wants; we are within the appropraited amount of expenditure for this. Discussion was had regarding what to do with the residential flooring we have on hand: We cannot return it (37-38 boxes at $10.98 per box), but will recieve part of the money back. We will advertise it for sale, perhaps on FaceBook; will take photos of it and post.

--The builder will be at the site this coming Saturday (7-28) to start work on the pavilion. In connection with the grand openin of the pavilion, Carol said plans are in the making for the "Corn Dog Capital of the World" to sell corn dogs at the affair.

--Two new categories or items ("programming" and "programming supplies") are to be added to our Operating Fund line items.

--Tuesday, August 28, 2018, is Hacienda Night (Friends of Bristol Public Library), and token tickets were passed among Trustees.

--The annual policy review will take place at the August meeting. Our policies are now posted on the Library's home page online.

--The library would like to host a Red Cross blood drive, and 20 people are needed to make it happen; 10 are signed up currently. A sign-up sheet was circulated.

New Business: Tonight's meeting is Tehillah's final one as a Treasurer. No nominations were made; is anyone on the Board interested in the position (no). However, Dawn Powell has indicated an interest. The stipend is $125 per month. John moved that we allow Dawn to assume the position of Treasurer; Scott seconded the motion, and the motion apssed by acclamation. Dawn Powell will therefore be the new Treasurer.

Old Business: An update on the park/pavilion has been made.

With no further business before the Board, adjournment was at 6:18 p.m. (Smith/Rice).  The next meeting wil be August 23, 2018, at 5:30 p.m.

Cyd B. Sunday

Secretary Pro Tempore


Bristol-Washington Township Public Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
August 23, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 5:33 p.m.

Members present:  Tami DeLucenay, John Nymeyer, Scott Smith, Library Director, Carol Anderson and Treasurer, Dawn Powell. 

Public Hearing for 2019 Budget:  The hearing was opened at 5:35p.m.  With no public attendance, the hearing was closed at 5:37 p.m. without discussion.

Minutes:  The minutes were passed after an amendment was made by adding the results of an email vote by board members to approve additional money for both the lobby and bathroom projects.  (Smith/Nymeyer)

Treasurer’s Report:  The beginning balance this month was $170,462.41, and the ending balance was $150,686.34.  Income for the month was $6,493.58.  Expenses were $26,269.65.  The trustees signed the vouchers sheet.

Director’s Report
---Children’s Programming Report
-Britney Powell was introduced as the new Youth Coordinator.  She was able to be with Tehillah for a storytime and then has done another two on her own.  She will also be taking over responsibilities for the Teen programing. 

---Teen Programming Report – A formal roll-out of the revised Teen Night programing will begin trying to get more attendance.  It was reported that there were seven teens in attendance on 8/22/18.

---Adult Programming Report 
-John Hooley presented a program on the Iditarod that was very well attended. 
-This month’s First Saturdays sale was another success. 
-A local designer taught a class at the library on bracelet and earring design and assemblage. 
-Another Murder Mystery Dinner will be held in February of 2019 at the New York Central Railroad Museum in Elkhart.  The theme will be similar to Murder on the Orient Express. 
-The library will be hosting an American Red Cross Blood Drive on October 27 from 9am – 3pm.
-The Friends of the Library will be holding a fundraiser at Hacienda restaurant in Elkhart on 8/28/18 with proceeds benefiting the library.

Old Business
-The library will be hosting a Grand Opening of the new park/pavilion on 9/22/18 from Noon until 4pm.  This will include a performance by the band The Bigger Picture and storytelling during their breaks. We will have a classic car cruise-in, games, free meals made by Eastern Star (sloppy joe or hot dog, chips, pickle and water or lemonade), and $1 root beer floats. 
-At the 4H fair wrap-up meeting it was determined that attendance was down this year and that other ways to engage fair goers is needed.  They are looking for something with a bigger impact that may not involve as much staff time.

New Business
-Carol stated the need to do an update to the TLC server and database.  Memory was added by Pete in order to make that possible and scheduling an upgrade could be done.
-It was recommended that we get a new server.  We currently have a server and a backup server.  The main server is 4 years old and the backup is 10 years old.  The general recommendation is to replace servers every 4 years.  Pete suggested that we consider getting a new main server and making the current main server our new backup.  It is estimated that a new server would cost approximately $10,000.  Tami requested a better quote with more information for the September meeting.
-Carol will be attending a meeting on 8/27/18 in Plymouth to learn about Category 2 ERate.  This is a category for technology infrastructure.  The money expires at the end of the year.  We could receive an 80% reimbursement on our current E-rate budget of $23,955.57 ($19,164.46 reimbursement).  This information was provided in an email from Charity Hawkins from Adtech.
-The Library Fines and Fees policy was approved. (Rice/Nymeyer)
-The Circulation Policy / Library Cards policy was approved. (Rice/Nymeyer)
-Tree removal was discussed with prior email approval coming from board members on 8/14/18.

Adjournment was at 6:27 p.m.  (Smith/Nymeyer)  The next meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. on September 27, 2018.

Submitted by Scott Smith
Secretary Pro Tempore