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ELECTRONIC ACCESS POLICY (Approved Feb. 16, 2000; reviewed Sept. 24, 2009; reviewed April 28th, 2011; reviewed May 24, 2012)
The Bristol-Washington Twp. Public Library's Information Technologies are available to the public, but with certain restrictions. Use of these technologies, as with all library services and materials, is a privilege, not a right. Misuse of library hardware or software may result in assessed fees charged to the patron for required repairs or replacement, loss of library privileges, legal action, or all of the above. In making decisions regarding access to the Internet, the library utilizes its own stated mission, goals, and objectives. In as much as providing access to electronic information, services, and networks is not the same as selecting and purchasing materials for the library's collection, some information accessible electronically may not meet the library's selection or collection development policy. Therefore, the library does not endorse the viewpoints or vouch for the accuracy or authenticity of any electronic information. As the Bristol-Washington Twp. Public Library does not act as guardian for minors and does not limit any library items from card-holding patrons, it is suggested that parents or caregivers monitor the use or non-use of computers by their children. ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY Patrons agree to accept the library's Electronic Access Policy–Acceptable Use Policy by signing the computer agreement form, signing the computer daily sign up sheet, and by using the library's computers. Patrons will at all times abide by all copyright laws applicable. Patrons must sign-up at the circulation desk before using the library's Internet, CD-ROM, games, and word processing computers. Bristol Public Library resident patrons may sign up with a current library card. Non-resident patrons may sign up with an Indiana Driver's License, Indiana State Identification card, a current library card from another Indiana library, or a photo ID from another state. This identification will be photocopied on the reverse side of the patron's computer agreement form. Patrons below the age of 8 are asked to be accompanied by a parent or guardian while using the computers. Patrons may use E-mail, chat rooms, and newsgroups, but may not set up an account on the library's E-mail. Handouts are available at the computers for patrons to set up free Internet E-mail accounts. Any accounts on the library's hard drive will be deleted. Those patrons found setting up accounts on the library's hard drive will lose their computer privileges. Patrons may download information onto 3.5" disks from home or disks purchased at the library for $1.00 each. Patrons may not upload information onto the library's system. Those patrons found uploading information will lose their computer privileges. Patrons may use the computers for 1 hour per day if others are waiting and 2 hours per day if no one is waiting. Use is on a first-come, first-serve basis except for reserved time. Patrons may reserve computer time by telephoning the library. Computers may be reserved for 1 hour per day if others are waiting and 2 hours per day if no one is waiting. If the reserving patron is not at the library at their reserved time, their name is put to the bottom of the waiting list when they arrive at the Circulation Desk. All work, including printing, must be completed 10 minutes prior to the library's closing. The library's computer hard drives are for the storage of library software and information. DO NOT SAVE YOUR FILES THERE. Any unknown files will be purged by library staff. Patrons found to be entering files, erasing library stored data or programming on the hard disks, or illegally copying copyrighted software from library computers will lose their computer privileges. Library computers are not to be used to create, transmit, print, or otherwise distribute pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit, racist, sexist, or homophobic materials as decided by the Bristol Public Library Board of Trustees using community standards. Patrons agree to anonymous monitoring of their use by library staff to ensure compliance with these policies. Patrons may not use library materials or equipment to disrupt any of the Internet networks as a whole, or any equipment or system forming part of the connection to, or part of, the Internet system, or any services provided over the connection. Patrons may not use library materials or equipment to mass distribute (or otherwise intrusively "broadcast") any message over the Internet, including but not limited to advertising. Patrons may not use the library connection to the Internet to violate any local, state, or federal statue. Those whose conduct with a library account violates these laws will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Evidence of illegal activity will be reported to the proper legal authorities. The library will cooperate with authorities in the investigation of illegal activities. The library reserves the right to deny Internet access to any person found to be in violation of this Electronic Access Policy, and any addendum adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Bristol-Washington Twp. Public Library, or its designees. The library is not responsible for any damage to your software, data, or hardware due to library computer use.
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