Meeting Room Policy



The Library meeting rooms are intended primarily for library or library related meetings, programs, and events.  When not needed for these purposes, the rooms may be available for free or for a fee, as set by the Library Board of Trustees.  The library allows use of its meeting rooms by nonprofit organizations, community groups, for profit businesses, and social groups.  For full policy please refer to 7.5 USE OF LIBRARY MEETING ROOMS in the Policies and Procedures Manual.

RULES FOR USE OF THE MEETING ROOM (this is not a full comprehensive list):

1.  Requests may be made no more than two weeks prior to the meeting date.
2.  Audiovisual equipment must be requested in advance and an equipment release form signed by the responsible party.
3.  Each group is responsible for setting up, cleaning up, and returning furniture to its original location.
4.  Light refreshments are allowed, but groups may not prepare food on Library property.  Red or purple colored beverages may not be served.  Groups are responsible for providing their own supplies and for all clean up.
5.  No signs, displays, decorations or exhibits may be attached to the doors, walls, or windows of the room.  The use of tacks and permanent tape is not allowed.
6.  Smoking, illegal drugs, or alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
7.  Excessive noise is not allowed.
8.  Seating capacity may not be exceeded.
9.  No charges, fees, or solicitations may be made at any time.
10.  The person in charge of the meeting must sign the “statement of responsibility” form.
11.  The responsible person must secure the key for the room in advance of the scheduled event.  The key must be returned to the library the next business day following the scheduled meeting.
12.  All lights must be turned off before leaving the premises, except for security lighting.
13.  Library staff are the only ones that can set the thermostat.
14.  The outside entry door must be secured before exiting the premises.  If door is left unlocked, meeting room privileges will be suspended.
15.  The library reserves the right to revoke permission for reasonable cause at any time.


1.  Nonprofit organizations or community groups with 501(c)(3) status (must supply proof) may use meeting room free of charge.  A refundable $25 cleaning deposit is required.
2.  For all other groups and private social gatherings the meeting room fee for library cardholders in good standing is $40 for 4 hours ($10 for each additional hour over the 4 hour minimum) and for non-library cardholders is $50 for 4 hours ($10 for each additional hour over the 4 hour minimum).  All meeting room fees are nonrefundable if any group cancels a scheduled use of the meeting room less than two (2) working days prior to the scheduled use.  In addition to the meeting room fees all groups are required to provide a refundable $25 cleaning deposit.
3.  A $5 per day fee will be imposed if a meeting room key is not returned by the next business day following the scheduled meeting.


I/We the undersigned have read and understand the rules and regulations established by the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library for use of its meeting room.  I/We agree to follow these rules (acceptance of these conditions includes a financial obligation in the event of damage beyond normal wear and tear).

Date of Scheduled Use: ______________________________

Contact Phone Number: ______________________________

Organization: _________________________________________________________________________

501(c)(3) form provided (if applicable):  Yes ________  or No __________

Refundable Cleaning Deposit paid:  _______________

Meeting Room Fee paid (if applicable) in the amount of ___________________________

Responsible Party Name (printed): ________________________________________________________

Responsible Party Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Date Key Returned: ___________________   Fee paid if key not returned on time: __________________

Meeting Room was inspected by: _________________________________________________________
     Staff signature/Date/Time