Library Services

Library Services & Fees


10 cents a page for black-and-white & 25 cents a page for color.

To send: $2.00 first page, $1.00 each additional page
To receive: 50¢ first page, 25¢ each additional page
Outgoing faxes require a cover sheet provided by patron.

Income Tax Forms:
Many of the Federal and Missouri reproducible tax forms are available during tax season (normally from January until April) and can be copied at the cost of 10 cents a page for black/white or 25 cents a page for color. Other forms can be downloaded and printed from the Internet at the cost of 10 cents a page for black/white or 25 cents a page for color. Links to both sites are available, below.

Federal Tax Forms

State Tax Forms

Public Computers & Internet Access:
Computers for internet access & word processing are available at all branches during regular library hours. Computer users must show library card when signing in, be patrons in good standing, and agree to the Internet Use Policy.
Non-library card holders may use a library computer with payment of $1.00 non-refundable fee, per individual, per use, even if it is on the same day.

Printing fee is 10 cents a page for black/white or 25 cents a page for color.
Click here for the complete COMPUTER USE POLICY.

Wi-Fi Access:
Free Wireless internet access is available at ALL Barry-Lawrence Regional Library branches.  

Community Rooms:
Community rooms in the library are available at Aurora, Cassville, Marionville, Mount Vernon, Pierce City, Shell Knob. Not available at Eagle Rock, Miller, Monett, and Purdy.The meeting rooms are available free of charge for non-profit groups and for a small fee to all others. Rules and restrictions will apply. For more information and to schedule use please contact the library staff.

Click here for the MEETING ROOM USE POLICY.

Several library branches have reference materials relating to local history and genealogy.  As county seats, the Cassville and Mt. Vernon branches have dedicated genealogy rooms with extensive genealogy collections.  Check with your branch library for details.

Notary Services:
The Barry-Lawrence Regional Library offers notary services to customers for a small fee at the following branch locations:  Cassville, Marionville, Monett, and Mt. Vernon.

Before bringing documents to be notarized, please call first to be sure that the notary is available:
Cassville  417-847-2121  Cheryl Williams
Marionville  417-463-2675  Janea Coker
Monett  417-235-6646  Cindy Frazier
Mt. Vernon  417-466-2921  Cindy Rinker


  • Notary Guidelines:

1. If you have more than one (1) item to be notarized, please call and make an appointment.
2. Bring a current photo ID, such as a valid driver’s license, state ID, or passport, with you.
3. Forms MUST be filled out ahead of time. The notary is not a legal expert and therefore cannot help you fill out any needed forms.
4. The notary will not notarize a blank sheet of paper.
5. All document(s) MUST be signed in front of the notary.  Do NOT sign your document(s) ahead of time!
6. If more than one person must sign the document(s), they must ALL be present at the time of notarization.
7. The notary follows all regulations of the State of Missouri as outlined in the Missouri Notary Public Handbook.
8. If needed, please bring your own witnesses.
9. We can only notarize materials in English.

  • Notary Fee:

There is a $1.00 fee per (notary) signature.

  • Additional Notary Information:

A notary only verifies the signer’s identity and that the signature was made willingly and freely.
Notarization does NOT
 Prove a document to be true or accurate.
 Legalize or validate a document.
 Prove that a statement under oath is true.
 Public notaries are NOT legal professionals.  Please do not ask legal questions or legal advice.

Other Library Services and Fees:

Computer Disks: $1.00
USB Storage: $5.00
Non-Resident Borrower Fee: $20.00
Scanner Fee: 25¢/page