Board Minutes September 2017



September 21, 2017

The Board of Trustees of Barry-Lawrence Regional Library met for their monthly meeting on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at the Pierce City Branch Library.  Present were: Ann Hall, Gina McIlrath, Marilyn Carey, Wendy Miekley, Jan Vaughn, Director Gina Milburn, and Administrative Assistant Joyce Frazier.  Also present were guests Karen Foster and Anita Augustine.  Absent was Ruth Buchner, Julie Vaughn, and Charles Peiter. The meeting was called to order by President Ann Hall.


Minutes:  August 17, 2017 meeting minutes were reviewed.  Motion made by Jan Vaughn, second by G. McIlrath to approve the meeting minutes.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Financial Report:  Director Milburn reviewed the August 2017 financial report and discussion followed.  We are in that time of year when we collect very little in taxes.  Our big tax collections will come at the end of the year.  Our expenditures are right in line where they need to be. Motion made by M. Carey to approve the financial report, second by W. Miekley.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Circulation Statistics:  Director Milburn reviewed the August 2017 statistics.  Cassville was the big circulator this month with 6,967.  Mt. Vernon came in second with 6,238 and Monett in third with 5,858.  Purdy (635) and Miller (851) continue to have the lowest stats in the system.  Overall circulation is down from August 2016.  However, computer use is up with 3,680 uses and 940 uses of Wi Fi.  In August we had 124 programs with 2,251 attendees.

Technology Report: 
• The contract to hire Layer3 Technology for the library’s IT management was signed following last month’s board approval.  Director Gina Milburn, Administrative Assistant Joyce Frazier, and Computer Technician Lee Ann Santee met with three representatives from Layer3 on August 31st to begin the “onboarding” process.  During the next several weeks they will begin to familiarize themselves with our current network by working with Technician Santee to gain information and access necessary maintaining it.  It was decided that for simplicity, Technician Santee will be the primary contact whenever it is necessary to contact Layer3 for support, and Director Milburn and Administrative Assistant Frazier as secondary contacts.
• A Layer3 network engineer assigned to the library, Dave Brown, was able to successfully install new firewalls at the Regional Office/Monett on August 22nd, and the Cassville Branch on August 31st.  He discovered that the TrendNet switches at most of the other locations need to be replaced before the firewalls can be installed at those locations in order for them to function properly.  Layer3 is going to be working with us on deciding our best options for replacement.

• Due to necessary changes on the library’s servers when replacing the firewall at the Regional Office/Monett location, and correct some issues with the library’s internal network at the same time, all branches experienced some downtime with the circulation program and catalog.  Customers were also not able to log into their online library account for Overdrive’s eBook service for a period of time.  All those issues were resolved as quickly as possible and all the library’s technical services are functioning properly now.

Motion made by M. Carey to accept the Technology Report, second by W. Miekley.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Director’s Report:

Staff Changes: 
• Eagle Rock:  We hired an additional clerk to work 12 hours a week to help out at the branch, particularly during programming, illnesses, and for meetings.  Jaime Coleman started in this position on September 7.
• Monett:  Cathy Marshall, part time clerk resigned.  Her last day will be September 29.  Linda Lines has been hired to fill that position and to help out at the Purdy Branch. Her first day was September 7. 
• Regional Office:  Charlotte Eaton, full time material processor retired August 31.  Elizabeth Slawson was hired to fill this position, but resigned after two days.  After interviewing for a second time we hired Mary Amanda Gilmore to fill the position.  Her first day will be September 25.  On a happy note, Lee Ann Rosewicz, Computer Technician, got married on September 16.  She will now be Lee Ann Santee.
• Shell Knob:  David Pryor, part time clerk resigned August 30.   Joanne Mankins was hired to fill this position with a start date of September 5.

Policies and Procedures Manual:  After several months of work Director Milburn overhauled and updated the Policies and Procedures Manual (formerly the Policies of Government).  Over the next several months we (the Board of Trustees) will be reviewing the revisions and additions.  Once the board approves the manual Lee Ann Santee and Director Milburn will work to put the manual online so that we will no longer need to print additions or changes.

Missouri Library Association Conference:  Janea Coker (Marionville Branch Supervisor), Jennifer Cochran (Eagle Rock/Shell Knob Supervisor), and Donna Lawson (Adult Services Library Assistant, Cassville) will be representing BLRL at the Missouri Library Association Conference in St. Louis, October 3-6. 

Staff Development Day:  Staff Development Day will be held, Monday October 9th.  The library will close so that all staff may attend this day of training.  This year it will be held in Monett at the Monett Museum from 8:30-5:30 p.m.  Along with information sharing about BLRL items we will have AFLAC and Life Insurance Representatives on hand, active shooter training provided by Jay Jastal of the Monett Police Department, and guest speaker/trainer Will Stuck.  Mr. Stuck will be presenting “Tell Your Story” and “Incorporating Passion into Your Programming” to the staff.  We have invited area libraries to participate as well.

Aurora Meeting Room Request:  The local Easter Seals group has asked permission to use the Aurora Branch’s Meeting Room for some music therapy sessions.  They would like to use the room on Wednesdays from 1-6 for the next 3-4 months.  After discussion the board agreed that the Easter Seals group could use the room as requested as long as it doesn’t interfere with library scheduled programs or routine public requests.

Motion made by Jan Vaughn to accept the Director’s Report, second by G. McIlrath.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.


Tax Levy Rate (Ratify e-mail vote):  When preparing to file the tax levy rate paperwork, after the August Board Meeting, Director Milburn discovered that the library tax rate dropped from last year.  Since 2009 our permitted tax levy rate has been 15 cents per $100 valuation.  This year because of reassessments along with new construction our permitted tax rate was reduced to .01462 cents per $100 valuation.  This is due to the Hancock Amendment which prevents entities from having a windfall when there are reassessments.  Because of the reduction we stand to collection a little over half of the increase discussed at the August meeting.  Since we are conservative in our income estimations there is no need to adjust the annual budget.  On August 18th, Director Milburn asked for an e-mail vote to set the tax levy rate at .01462 cents per $100 valuation for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.  After discussion, G. McIlrath made a motion to ratify the e-mail poll to set the tax levy rate at .01462 cents per $100 valuation for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, second by Jan Vaughn.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Purdy and Miller Branches:  Use of the Purdy and Miller branches is at an all-time low.  Both are small branches in two of our smallest communities.  We own the building in Miller and we are allowed use of half of the Purdy Community Center for our library.  Both branches are within 5 to 6 miles of a larger branch and could be considered “bedroom” communities.  In order to make the best use of our resources the board began discussion of the need to continue to operate these two branch locations.
• In August, Director Milburn ran circulation reports that showed all active library card borrowers for the past year.  Miller had 212 active borrowers.  70 of them used other branches, primarily Mt. Vernon, and 142 used the Miller Branch.  Purdy had 173 active borrowers.  86 of them used other branches (primarily Cassville and Monett) and 87 used the Purdy Branch.
• Both branches do very little programming.  What programs they do have, have very low attendance except for the summer.  In the summer, the Miller Branch works with the local elementary school and they bring their classes to the summer programs. 
• Both branches have two computers each for the public and Wi Fi access for all.  Miller averages about 50 uses of both per month and Purdy averages about 35 computer uses and about 20 Wi Fi users.
• The average attendance for the last fiscal year for Miller was 5,993 and for Purdy was 6,305.

• We collect taxes per county rather than by community.  There is no way to truly know what each community contributes.  Director Milburn shared with us some rough numbers using population figures and average property values.  She also shared rough numbers about what is spent on utilities, staffing, insurance, etc. for each branch.  It is basically a wash between the two sets of numbers.

Before any decision is made the Board asked Director Milburn and Administrative Assistant Frazier to look into the possibility of adding a bookmobile for the system.  A bookmobile would give us the opportunity to serve unserved communities in the two county system as well as to continue to provide service in Purdy and Miller.  The board also discussed the need to get community input about their respective branch libraries.  No decision will be made until we have time to gather all necessary information and get input from these two communities. 


Summer Reading Club 2017:  Janea Coker shared information about the Summer Reading Club and reviewed information about surveys that were collected.  We had 179 programs and over 6,000 attendees.  This is up slightly from last year.  A total of 1,239 children (711), teens (113), and Adults (415) signed up to read in the program.  Almost 900 readers completed the program, 64% children, 59% teens, and 91% adults.  A total of 20,527 books were read by all age groups (14,858 children, 1,683 teens, and 3,986 adults).  Overall the Summer Reading Club was very successful.  We will start planning for next summer soon and will be looking at ways to make it even better.

Lawrence County Hazard Mitigation Plan Resolution:  The library is participating in the Lawrence County Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Mt. Vernon Supervisor, Cindy Rinker is representing the library on the committee.  The Board was asked to adopt a resolution that recognizes the plan and demonstrates that the library is committed to achieving the goals outlined in the plan.  After discussion a motion was made by G. McIlrath, second by M. Carey to adopt the Lawrence County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Annual Report, FY 2016-2017:  Director Milburn reviewed the 2016-2017 Annual Report with the Board.  The report contains a director’s note, statistics, highlights of library news from the past year, financial summary, branch activity summary and the top 10 most circulated and requested books. 
• Statistics:  We saw a dip in circulation for the past fiscal year.  This is due in part to the fact that we altered hours/closed Saturdays for all branch locations.  Circulation of eBooks continues to grow.  The total number of checkouts for the year was 374,535 with an additional 25,517 eBook checkouts. We had 206,726 customer visits and 49,588 uses of the computers and Wi Fi.  We offered 2,397 programs for all ages with 58,915 participants (almost double last year).
• Financial:  88% of the library’s revenue budget comes from taxes.  About 11% comes from other sources such as fines, fees, gifts, book sales, and donations.  State funding is no longer 
reliable and only accounts for 1% of our revenue.  In expenditures, payroll and benefits are our largest items (64%).  Library operations account for 23%, library materials for 12% and programming for 1%. 

Having no other business to discuss a motion to adjourn was made by W. Miekley, second by M. Carey.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Frazier
Recording Secretary

The next Scheduled Board Meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m., October 19 at the Pierce City Branch Library.