Board Minutes April 2017


April 18, 2017

The Board of Trustees of Barry-Lawrence Regional Library met for their monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at the Pierce City Branch Library.  Present were: Charles Peiter, Marilyn Carey, Ann Hall, Gina McIlrath, Ruth Buchner, IT Manager Noah Helterbrand, Director Gina Milburn, and Administrative Assistant Joyce Frazier.  Absent were Jan Vaughn, Julie Vaughn, and Felicity Nesbitt. The meeting was called to order by President Ann Hall.  


Minutes:  March 17, 2017 meeting minutes were reviewed.  Motion made by C. Peiter to approve the minutes with no changes or corrections, second by M. Carey.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Financial Report:  Director Milburn reviewed the March 2017 financial report and discussion followed.  We have collected the bulk of our current taxes for the year.  We only have one more year of e-rate refunds for telephone service.  Our income is stable for the year.  In expenditures we are pretty much in line with last year.  Director Milburn noted that we paid our property insurance and expended funds for e-materials.  Motion made by G. McIlrath to approve the financial report, second by R. Buchner.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Circulation Statistics:  Director Milburn reviewed March statistics.  Circulation is up this month as compared to last year with 35,290 circulations compared to 33,431 in 2016. Monett circulated the most materials (7,305) with Cassville coming in second (6,967) and Mt. Vernon in third (6,722).  E-book circulation had 2,225 checkouts.  Our average daily circulation continues to do well with an average of 1,564 circulations per day.  We had 3,813 uses of the computer and 989 Wi-Fi users. Both computer and Wi-Fi use showed an increase over last month.  The IT Department has worked to improve the performance of the computers and this is reflected in the use of the computers. In March, the library offered 252 programs with participation of 4,893. 

Technology Report:  IT Manager Helterbrand presented his report.
We expanded the rollout of Deep Freeze.  Nine branches now have at least one public computer with Deep Freeze and eight branches have it on all public computers.
All of those same systems plus catalog and circulation computers also auto shutdown and boot up.  This should reduce our electrical consumption.
MOREnet connection upgrade requests have been completed.
Remaining electronic payment equipment has been ordered.  We should receive those this week for rollout next week. (Once completed all 10 branches will be able to provide electronic payment options to our customers)
Google G Suite was implemented on April 17, 2017.  Mr. Helterbrand conducted two group training events prior to the rollout.

We have replaced almost 30 mechanical hard drives in public computers with small solid state drives.  This has had a significant impact on the speed of the public computers at a very minimal cost.
We are replacing the remote video units with Chromecasts.  These “just work”.
Motion made by C. Peiter to accept the IT Manager’s report, second by M. Carey.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Director’s Report:

Staff Changes: 
Marionville:  April Coring, part time Library Assistant Adult Services, resigned with an effective date of April 26, 2017.  The position is posted and we hope to fill it by the first of May.
Monett:  Briana Kleine, part time clerk, resigned with an effective date of April 4, 2017.  We have hired Missy Smith as the new part time clerk.
Pierce City:  Rebecca Mayberry was hired to fill the part time Library Assistant Adult Services vacancy.  She will train at the Monett Branch beginning April 17, 2017 and will start at the Pierce City Branch on Monday, May 1, 2017.  Ms. Mayberry will also serve as part time custodian for the branch.
Shell Knob:  Part time custodian Bill Lietz’s, last day was April 12, 2017.  Instead of replacing the position, the Eagle Rock/Shell Knob staff will share the custodial responsibilities.


Aurora:  We thought that we were going to have to take out and replace portions of the front handicap sidewalk/ramp that were uneven.  Fortunately Joyce Frazier discovered a low tech solution—concrete lifting.  On Thursday, April 13, 2017 “The Concrete Lifter” fixed our uneven sidewalk for $1,820.  This included caulking all the cracks and seams.  Cox Roofing is taking a look at the section of the roof that they replaced because it is still leaking.

Monett:  We are moving ahead with our plans to replace the 20 ton rooftop HVAC unit at the Monett Branch.  On April 19, 2017 (weather permitting) Heller Heat and Air will work on the project.  Bond Street, next to the library, will be closed for a short time in order for the crane to lift the old unit off the building and then lift the new unit on. Once this work is completed we will close the branch on Monday, May 1, 2017 (barring any unforeseen issues) in order for the duct work to be cleaned.

Public Library Collection Development Support Grant:  We applied for and received a onetime public library collection development support grant for $7,408.48.  We will expend the grant funds on books and dvd’s for all ages.  The branches will display the new material at their location and will be asking our customers for input about how the collection impacts their lives.

Federal Library Grants:  95% of the grants that we apply for are administered through the State Library using LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act) funds.  LSTA funds come from IMLS (Institute of Museums and Library Services).  With the possibility of IMLS being removed from the federal budget all future grants are currently on hold.  We are waiting to hear about two different grant applications, one for technology and one for digitization of newspapers.  Both of these are on hold until a decision is reached.  Director Milburn encourages everyone to contact their senators and representatives to ask them to fully fund IMLS.

Monett Building Fund Donation:  We received a $50,000 donation to the Monett Building Fund from a donor that wishes to remain anonymous.  We are grateful for the ongoing support of our building project.

Peterson Family Trust:  We received a $3,437.06 check from the trust.  These funds will be expended for the Cassville Branch Library.

NASA @ My Library:  We applied for a NASA @ My Library grant.  The intent of the program is to increase and enhance STEM learning opportunities for library customers throughout the nation, including geographic areas and populations currently underserved in STEM education.  Seventy five public libraries will be selected to participate in the 18 month project with the opportunity to extend for an additional two year period.  If we receive the grant we will get a $500 programming stipend, two facilitation kits valued at $750, a two day NASA workshop for one staff member, and an $800 travel stipend.  We will be notified by May 1, 2017 as to whether or not we have been awarded this grant opportunity.

Motion made by M. Carey to accept the Director’s Report, second by G. McIlrath.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.


Electronic Payments, Policy and Procedures Manual 4.75:   We have been offering an electronic payment option at the Monett and Mt. Vernon Branch locations for the last couple of months.  It has been going well and we have decided to roll it out at all branch locations. Director Milburn handed out a draft copy of a policy and procedure for this service at the March meeting.  After discussion, a motion was made by C. Peiter to approve the 1st reading of the Electronic Payments Policy (4.75), second by G. McIlrath.  All present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.  2nd reading motion was made by R. Buchner, second by M. Carey.  All present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Strategic Planning (Mission Statement):  After discussion R. Buchner made a motion to approve our new mission statement “Connecting people to the transforming power of knowledge” (Connect, Transform, Inspire), 2nd by C. Peiter.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.


Short Takes for Trustees:  We were unable to view the 5th video in the series due to technical issues.  Therefore, next month we will view both the 5th and 6th video. 

Tax Levy:  After discussion the board decided to wait until April 2018 to put the tax levy increase back on the ballot.  This will give us time to plan and prepare.  We will hold community meetings through the summer to get input about the library system and to gather support for the levy measure.  During this time we will also work to find two people (one from each county) to co-chair a Political Action Committee.  

Nominating Committee for Officers, 2017-2018:  Charles Peiter, Marilyn Carey, and G. McIlrath will serve as the nominating committee to elect new officers at the June 2017 meeting.


Motion was made by R. Buchner, second by G. McIlrath to go into closed session for discussion of real estate and personnel.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

No motions were made or actions taken during closed session.

Motion was made by M. Carey, second by C. Peiter to return to open session after discussion of real estate.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Having no other business to discuss a motion to adjourn was made by G. McIlrath, second by R. Buchner.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Joyce Frazier
Recording Secretary

The next Scheduled Board Meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m., May 18, 2017 at the Pierce City Branch Library.