Board Minutes December 2016


December 15, 2016

The Board of Trustees of Barry-Lawrence Regional Library met for their monthly meeting on Thursday, December 15, 2016 at the Pierce City Branch Library.  Present were:  Julie Vaughn, Charles Peiter, Marilyn Carey, Gina McIlrath, Director Gina Milburn, Administrative Assistant Joyce Frazier and guests Kurt Krueger (CPA Group) and Mark Ingram (Barry County resident). Absent were Ann Hall, Jan Vaughn, and Felicity Nesbitt. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Charles Peiter.  


Auditor’s Report, FY 2015-2016:  Accountant Kurt Krueger, CPA Group, distributed copies of the updated audit and gave a brief overview of the corrections that were made.  The main correction that was made was to show what funds are restricted versus un-restricted.  Motion made by G. McIlrath to accept the audit findings, second by Julie Vaughn.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Newspaper Digitization:   With help from Patsy Luebbert (State Historical Society) and Mark Ingram the letter of intent was submitted to Matt Butler, Digital Collections Coordinator for the Missouri State Library on Wednesday December 14, 2016.  The Letter of Intent asks for permission to apply for a LSTA Grant to digitize the Wheaton Journal along with three other titles suggested for inclusion by Patsy Luebbert.  The other titles are Cassville Republican, Marionville Free Press, and Lawrence Chieftain.  All three of these titles are in the public domain.  This is the first step in the grant process. With the digitizing discussion concluded Mr. Ingram exited the meeting.

Assigned Funds Checking Account:  Mr. Krueger suggested that we have a separate checking account for assigned funds.  This will make it easier to show what money is restricted and how it is spent.  It can be tied to the general ledger account as a sub account.  Motion made by M. Carey, second by Julie Vaughn to open an assigned funds account.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.  With the assigned funds checking account discussion concluded Mr. Krueger exited the meeting.


Minutes:  November 17, 2016 meeting minutes were reviewed.  Motion made by G. McIlrath to approve the minutes with no changes or corrections, second by Julie Vaughn.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Financial Report:  Director Milburn reviewed the November 2016 financial report and discussion followed.  We received very little income this month.  Our big tax checks will come in December and January.  Monthly expenditures are in line with this time of year.  Motion made by M. Carey, second by G. McIlrath to approve the financial report.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Circulation Statistics:  Director Milburn gave a brief overview of the 1st Quarter statistics and a more detailed review of the October 2016 statistics.  Monett was first in circulation (6,475) with Cassville coming in a close second (6,363) and Mt. Vernon in third (5,684).  The library system was open an average of 5 fewer days than in November 2015.  In spite of being open 5 fewer days our circulation was almost the same as last year (2016 = 31,639 vs 2015 = 32,117).  Computer and wireless use was down, but that is to be expected with 5 fewer days.  E-Material checkouts were 2,029, up from 1,693 in November 2015.  In October, the library offered 201 programs with participation of 2,723.

Director’s Report:

Staff Changes: 
• Shell Knob:  Donna Terry is the new part time Library Clerk with a start date of November 30, 2016.
• Regional Office:  The IT Manager position is still open.  We recently posted the position (for free) on  As a result we have had several applicants.  We are working on some follow up pre-interview questions to send to the applicants that qualify and seem to be suited to the position.  We hope to set up interview the first part of January.

Aurora Roof:  We continue to have issues with leaks inside the building.  We have had the roof serviced by several vendors and nothing seems to be working. We are going to ask the Aurora Building Inspector to take a look and see if he can offer any advice.  Beyond that we are open to suggestions.

Cassville Light Post:  The light post closest to the book drop suffered another direct hit from a vehicle.  This time it was hit hard enough to make the post lean to one side.  The Electric Department recommends that we take the post down.  Since there are many other light sources on the exterior of the building we feel that it is a good solution.

Branch/Staff Evaluations:
• Joyce Frazier and I completed the bi-annual evaluations for all branch locations last week.  Other than known issues with Aurora and Monett the branches appear to be in good shape.  The main thing that we need to work on is weeding, especially in the smaller branches where shelf space is at a premium. 
• The supervisors are working to complete annual staff evaluations by the end of the year.

Missouri Public Library Director’s Conference:  Director Milburn attended the MPLD conference held in Osage Beach on December 1-2.  Topics of discussion at this meeting included LSTA Grants, MOREnet Update, Missouri State Library Update, library levies across the state, and information from the MPLD attorney.  Jay Ashcroft, Missouri Secretary of State Elect was in attendance to talk with us and get input concerning libraries.

Tax Collections:  We received $228,370 in current and delinquent taxes the first part of December.  This will be reflected in the financial statement next month.  This is about $30,000 more than what we collected this time last year.  Our biggest tax collection checks will come in January 2017.  Motion made by Julie Vaughn to accept the Director’s Report, second by G. McIlrath.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.


Short Takes for Trustees—“What It Means to Be a Trustee”:  Everyone present viewed the first video in the series.  Topics covered by this short 8 minute video included fiduciary responsibility for governing boards, directors and officers insurance, and separate by complementary roles of trustees, director, and friends of the library.  Director Milburn will share the link and logon information with each board member so that they can review the video again or stay caught up if they miss a board meeting.

Community Survey:  It has been several years since the library system did a survey of customers and non-customers about library service.  Director Milburn along with Joyce Frazier and Rhonda Duff created a survey that should help us garner information about the services we provide, services we should provide, condition of our buildings, library hours, etc.  All branches will ask their customers to fill out the survey.  They will also go around the community to ask non-library customers for their input as well.  We will work with the local newspapers and Chambers of Commerce to spread the word that the library is doing this survey.

Discussion of library hours, the tax levy, assigned funds, and strategic planning topics were tabled until the January meeting.

Having no other business to discuss a motion to adjourn was made by G. McIlrath, second by J. Vaughn.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Joyce Frazier
Recording Secretary

The next Scheduled Board Meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at the Pierce City Branch Library.