Board Minutes April 2016


April 21, 2016

The Board of Trustees of Barry-Lawrence Regional Library met for their monthly meeting on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at the Pierce City Branch Library.  Present were:  Ann Hall, Gina McIlrath, Marilyn Carey, Charles Peiter, Jan Vaughn, Julie Vaughn, Director Gina Milburn, and Administrative Assistant Joyce Frazier.  Absent were Felicity Nesbitt and IT Manager J.J. Goulbourne.  The meeting was called to order by President Ann Hall.  


Minutes:  March 17, 2016 meeting minutes were reviewed.  Motion made by G. McIlrath to approve the minutes with no changes or corrections, second by C. Peiter.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Financial Report:  Director Milburn reviewed the March 2016 financial report and discussion followed.  We are slightly up in income as compared to last year.  However, we are also up in expenditures.  The Regional Office is working to hold the line to insure that our expenses don’t exceed our income as we approach the end of our fiscal year.  Motion made by M. Carey, second by Jan Vaughn to approve the financial report.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Circulation Statistics:  Director Milburn reviewed the March statistics.  Mt. Vernon lead the way in circulation (7,256), with Monett (6,373) and Cassville (6,287) following behind. We were down in circulation as compared to last year.  One thing that factors into this is not having enough copies of new items to provide to our customers.  E-material circulation continues to rise with 2,048 checkouts compared to February 2015 at 1,297.    We had 4,146 customers use our computers with an additional 938 users of WiFi for a total of 5,084 technology uses.  This slightly higher than March 2015 (4,954).  In March the branches provided 286 programs with a total of 7,233 participants.  Craft or DIY programs are very popular (everything old is new again) and contributes to our higher than average programming numbers.

Technology Report:  IT Manager Goulbourne was absent from the meeting.  He was providing his “Protecting Yourself in the Digital Age” program to the Mt. Vernon High School.  Director Milburn reviewed his monthly technology report: 
• Installed a 2nd Office computer at Pierce City at the Supervisor’s request.  They had an extra one in the IT Department that was being used as a spare.
• The 2015 Winter Mini Grant purchases have arrived.  So far the laptops and the desktops for the IT Department Staff have been installed and are in use.  The other appliances will be phased in over the next few weeks.
• Conducted a presentation at the Pierce City High School for 80 students on “Protecting Yourself in the Digital Age”.
• Took delivery of the 10 managed switches from the vendor (2015 winter mini grant purchase).  Installation has been completed for Purdy and Pierce City Branches.
• Took delivery of the 10 servers from the vendor and will begin configuring and deploying them as soon as the operating system software is received.

• Replaced the public internet printer at Mt. Vernon.  The current printer lasted approximately 9 years before failing.
• Attended the SRTC Computer Maintenance and Networking Advisory Committee meeting on April 12, 2016.  Last year he was asked to be on the advisory committee by the Director of SRTC. Members are IT Managers and professionals who have experience in the industry and they assist the Instructor at SRTC with ideas on improving the program.
• The library will host MOREnet’s security roadshow on June 9th at the Pierce City Branch.  The event will be held in the conference room.  The purpose of the event will be to allow IT personnel from rural schools and libraries to meet with MOREnet security staff and discuss security protocols as well as the upcoming conference.
• New gigabit managed network switch and wireless access point was installed and is online in Mt. Vernon.
• New gigabit managed network switch installation has been completed for Purdy, Marionville, Miller, and Monett branches.
• Conducted a presentation for 44 students at the Marionville High School on “Protecting Yourself in the Digital Age.”
• On Thursday April 21, 2016 he will be at the Mt. Vernon High School for the entire day conducting presentations on the above program.
• Announcement for the 2016 Technology Ladder Grant is scheduled for April 22, 2016.  If awarded this grant, the library will be replacing 20 aging computers, 20 monitors, and 5 public internet printers.
Motion made by Julie Vaughn to approve the Technology Report, second by G. McIlrath.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Director’s Report:

Staff Changes: 
• Monett:  Briana Goforth and Aliceson Dawson were hired as PT Clerks.  Aliceson Dawson left after just a few days and Catherine Marshall was hired as a replacement.
• Pierce City:  Linda Lanning (Monett PT Clerk) was promoted to PT Library Assistant, Adult Services to fill the vacancy left by Pamela Glassco.
• Shell Knob:  Ethan Frazier resigned his custodian position and Bill Leitz was hired to fill the opening.

PLA Conference:  Janea Coker, Rhonda Duff, J.J. Goulbourne and Director Milburn attended the Public Library Association (PLA) Conference held in Denver the first week of April.  They attended a variety of workshops each day along with visiting the exhibit hall.  They will give an overview of the conference and how we can use/apply the experience here in the library system at the May 19th meeting.

SRC Update:  Janea Coker and the Youth/Adult Services staff have been working on setting up programs for 2016 SRC.  We will have a variety of paid and in house programming.  All program information is due April 25th to the Regional Office in order for us to work on flyers.  This will give us time to create and print the flyers so that they can be used for school visits.  The SRC Grant interim report is due May 2nd.

Weeding Update:  We are almost done with the weeding project at the Monett Branch.  Based on branch evaluations we will work on Pierce City next.

Shell Knob Branch Theft:  Several items (CD player, table, new CD’s, etc.) were found to be missing.  We had J.R. Lock and Key re-key the building.  We have ordered security cameras to install upstairs and downstairs to monitor the entrances to the building.

Mt. Vernon Branch:  Davis and Sons replaced a broken toilet and installed cut off valves in all the restrooms

Monett Branch:  Gorilla Lawncare has been hired to mow and maintain the landscaping.

Aurora Branch:  Joyce Frazer contacted Cox Roofing to see where we were with the roofing project.  They promised to start on it next week if the weather holds.  If the project is completed as promised then we will work to get the interior work (sheet rock, painting, tiles) done before SRC starts.

Motion made by Jan Vaughn to accept the Director’s Report, second by C. Peiter.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.


Letter of Authorization:  First State Bank has requested that we provide a letter giving Administrative Assistant, Joyce Frazier approval to get information about all of our deposit accounts.  After discussion, a motion to give Joyce Frazier authorization to access information about deposit accounts was made by M. Carey, second by G. McIlrath.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.


Tax Levy Update—What Now?:  Director Milburn shared the certified election results from Barry and Lawrence Counties:
• Barry County:  1,129 yes to 2,012 no for a total of 3,141 votes.  The only location that it passed in was Monett City with 176 yes to 162 no.
• Lawrence County: 1,443 yes to 1,744 no for a total of 3,187 votes. It passed in SE Aurora (yes 100, no 90), Forest Park—Monett (yes 190, no 141), Freistatt (25 yes, 20 no), Hoberg (10 yes, 5 no), N Mt. Vernon (103 yes, 48 no), SE Mt. Vernon (95 yes, 53 no), and SW Mt. Vernon (70 yes, 58 no).

Discussion of the failed tax levy measure followed.  Below is a brief summary of discussion items:
• The cost to put the tax levy measure on both county brackets was less than originally anticipated:  $6,865.52 for Barry and $10,854.40 for Lawrence for a total of $17,719.92.  The original estimate was $15,000 per county for a total of $30,000.
• Type of campaign that we ran, information only, was not enough.  All agreed that if we do this again we need to run a “yes” campaign.  Director Milburn shared that she has been in contact with a library PAC called “EveryLibrary”.  They work with libraries to pass tax levies.  She is trying to set up a time for them to talk with us about how to move forward in the future and hopes to have a conference call with them at the May 19th meeting.  The board discussed the possibility of trying another tax measure in April 2017 now that this is in the forefront for our customers.

• Customer comments ran the gamut from sad to mad to confused. 
• Joyce Frazier and Ann Hall reported on the publicity before and after the April 5th tax levy vote.
• Director Milburn shared comments from the Supervisor’s Meeting on April 22 including recommendations from the supervisors on what to do now that it didn’t pass. 
• Now that we know that we will have to continue to make do with the same tax levy that we have had for more than 26 years we know we have to plan for the future.  The library has worked hard to save money where they could, cut back on materials (books), trimmed branch days/hours, and delayed projects and repairs in order to stay in the black.  Additionally with state funding in limbo and rising utility costs it is time to face the fact that we are going to have to make some cuts in order to keep all 10 branch locations open. 
• The following items were discussed as the most feasible to implement:

 *Beginning August 1, 2016 we will no longer be open on Saturdays.
 *Beginning August 1, 2016 all large branches (Aurora, Cassville, Marionville, Monett, and Mt. Vernon) will be open Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and all small    branches (Eagle Rock, Miller, Pierce City, Purdy, and Shell Knob) will be open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
 *For the 2nd year in a row staff will not receive pay increases.
 *All branches will cut their magazine subscriptions.
 *We will not renew the subscription (beginning June 1st) and will not financially contribute to the statewide consortium for Heritage Quest.
 *All capital projects/purchases will be delayed unless it is an emergency situation.

C. Peiter made a motion to accept the above items (closing Saturdays, branch hours, staff salaries, subscription cuts, and delayed capital projects), second by M. Carey. All members present voice voted in the affirmative as follows:  Ann Hall—yes, Charles Peiter—yes, Gina McIlrath—yes, , Marilyn Carey—yes, Julie Vaughn—yes, and Jan Vaughn—yes.  Motion carried.  

Having no other business to discuss a motion to adjourn was made C. Peiter, second by Julie Vaughn.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Joyce Frazier
Recording Secretary

The next Scheduled Board Meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 19, 2016 at the Pierce City Branch Library.