Board Minutes February 2016


February 18, 2016

The Board of Trustees of Barry-Lawrence Regional Library met for their monthly meeting on Thursday, February 18, 2016 at the Pierce City Branch Library.  Present were:  Ann Hall, Gina McIlrath, Marilyn Carey, Charles Peiter, Jan Vaughn, Felicity Nesbitt, Julie Vaughn, IT Manager J.J. Goulbourne, Director Gina Milburn, and Administrative Assistant Joyce Frazier.  Absent was Christina Barnes.  The meeting was called to order by President Ann Hall.  


Minutes:  January 14, 2016 meeting minutes were reviewed.  Motion made by F. Nesbitt to approve the minutes with no changes or corrections, second by J. Vaughn.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Financial Report:  Director Milburn reviewed the January 2016 financial report and discussion followed.  We received the bulk of our “current” tax payments from both counties.  We are up almost $30,000 as compared to last year in current tax payments.  However our total income is down (-$8,000) compared to the last fiscal year, primarily because we received less in in memorials/donations this year.  In expenditures we have spent almost $50,000 more than last year.  This is because we added the IT Manager position last spring and have had unexpected maintenance repairs (roof at Aurora).  We have two employees that signed up for Medicare and will come off of the library insurance—one March 1 and the other is pending. Motion made by J. Vaughn, second by C. Peiter to approve the financial report.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Circulation Statistics:  Director Milburn reviewed the January Statistical Reports.  Mt. Vernon was the top circulator (6,894), with Monett (6,266) and Cassville (6,209) following behind. Our overall circulation is down as compared to January 2015, however we were open 2 fewer days this January.  E-material use continues to grow with 1,927 checkouts (January 2015 = 1,266).    We had almost 4,000 uses of our computers across the system and 865 users accessed WiFi.  In January the branches provided 192 programs with a total of 4,123 participants.

Technology Report:  IT Manager J. J. Goulbourne reviewed his monthly technology report: 
• Installed another 8-port high speed switch at the Monett Branch for three of the public internet computers.  This will improve network connectivity and speed.
• Lee Ann Rosewicz completed the upgrade of all the Microsoft Surfaces to Windows 10.
• We submitted the 2016 Technology Ladder Grant to the Missouri State Library. 
• The Financial computer in the Regional Office was replaced with a new computer using Windows 10.  We also installed a new printer.  The old PC’s operating system was not compatible with the new payroll software and neither was the printer.
• The “Protecting Your Kids in the Digital Age” presentation at the Marionville Branch was successful with 20 people in attendance.

  • Cox Monett Hospital asked the library to do a similar presentation for the hospital auxiliary as well as staff members and students from the Monett High School.
  • IT Manager Goulbourne was invited and met with the Pierce City Schools Superintendent and his senior staff at their February team meeting.  They requested that he present this program to the staff and students.  In addition, plans are in the works to conduct “active shooter” training for the school in accordance with directives from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and a Driver Safety Education Presentation for students 15 and up.   
  • The PC Branch presentation on “Protecting Your Kids in the Digital Age” was attended by 9 customers.

• With the donation received by the Pierce City Branch, we purchased 2 flat screen TV’s (32” and 60”).
• IT Manager Goulbourne was invited to present again at the MOREnet Conference in October at the Lake of the Ozarks on several subject matters:

  • Protecting Kids in the Digital Age
  • Active Shooter Training for School and Library Staff
  • Dealing with and Preventing Workplace Conflict

• The IT Department hosted approximately 11 students and instructors from the Monett High School for a tour of the IT Department and a brief presentation on internet safety and security.  The students are participants in the Monett High School’s “Go-Caps” program.
• Due to customer’s that are not complying with the Computer Use Policy concerning scanning of thumb drives and external storage devices we have had to take additional security measures.  We deployed stand-alone scan stations at each branch for the purpose of scanning customer storage devices prior to them being inserted into any public use computer.  These scan stations are not connected to the network.  The USB ports on the public computers have been blocked. 
• Microsoft recalled the power cords for several models of the Microsoft Surface tablets due to a fire hazard.  We submitted a request to Microsoft for replacement cords for all our Surface Pros.  We received them this week and all are replaced.
• We were awarded a Winter Tech Mini Grant to purchase 10 servers and other network appliances for a tech infrastructure upgrade.

Motion made by M. Carey to approve the Technology Report, second by Jan Vaughn.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.  With his report completed Manager Goulbourne exited the meeting.

Director’s Report:

Staff Changes: 
• Aurora:  Nathaniel Cochran, PT Clerk, resigned with an effective date of February 8, 2016.  The position has been posted and we are currently in the interview process.  We hope to fill the position by the end of the month.
• Monett/Pierce City:  Kathryn Robinson, PT Miller Branch Custodian, interviewed and was offered the custodian position for the Monett/Pierce City Branches.  She will clean all three branch locations.

• Pierce City:  Pam Glassco, PT Branch Supervisor, resigned with an effective date in early March.  We are looking at the position and may post it as a PT Library Assistant Adult Services Position.  If we decide to do this then Pierce City would be paired with the Monett Branch.  The Monett Branch Supervisor would supervise both locations.

• Aurora:  We have contracted with Cox Roofing to completely re-roof the old section of the branch. They will begin work as soon as the weather is warm and dry enough for several days in a row.
• Miller:  The front window cracked again and we replaced it again with tempered glass.
• Monett:  Early this week (2/15-2/16) we flip-flopped the children’s and magazine reading/teen areas.  We used the funds donated by Senator Melton to purchase new shelving, a bulletin board, a children’s rug, and a Lego’s table for the children and teen areas.  We also installed new lighting and painted several of the walls (before installation of the shelving units).  We plan to purchase an additional shelving unit to house the DVD’s.  It will be installed just to the right of the branch entrance.  With the remaining funds from the donation we would like to purchase a three year subscription to “Tumblebooks” for the system.  “Tumblebooks” are online books for children, K-5.  Director Milburn is going to set up an online trial and will report back to the board with the results.

Trustee Resignation:  This past Friday, February 12, 2016 Christina Barnes (Eagle Rock, Barry County) notified Director Milburn that she is resigning her position, effective immediately.  Once we receive her formal letter we will send it on to Commissioner Warren and request a replacement.

E-Magazines:  As reported at the January meeting 17 member libraries agreed to purchase E-magazines to add to the Missouri Libraries 2 Go Consortium.  The service went live on Monday, February 8.  In a little over a week we have already had 76 circulations of e-magazines!

Motion made by J. Vaughn to accept the Director’s Report, second by C. Peiter.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.


Tax Levy Update:  President Ann Hall delivered the resolutions to each county (Barry and Lawrence) as scheduled in order to get the proposed tax levy measure on each county ballot. Director Milburn and Clerk, Linda Lanning created an informational brochure to hand out to customers and anyone interested in having further information about the proposal.  Director Milburn provided copies of the brochure to all board members and discussion followed.

After receiving her brochures, Julie Vaughn exited the meeting.

Director Milburn, with the help of the branch supervisors and board members, has been working to set up times to talk with as many groups as possible in each community about the upcoming tax levy proposal vote April 5th.  To date she has talked with 8 different groups and has another 10 scheduled for February and March.  Janea Coker (Marionville), Jeanne Ann Camp (Monett), and J.J. Goulbourne (Regional Office) have also spoken to approximately 6 groups and others are in the works.  We are being careful to keep all talks purely informational and are asking customers to “vote” instead of asking them to vote yes.  We want customers to have the information needed to make an informed decision. 

Having no other business to discuss a motion to adjourn was made F. Nesbitt, second by M. Carey.  All members present voted in the affirmative.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Joyce Frazier
Recording Secretary

The next Scheduled Board Meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, March 17, 2016 at the Pierce City Branch Library.