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Alert & Notification Information
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Local TV & Radio Stations

Tune into your local radio and television stations for up to date information on the weather, business and school closings.

Channel 3(WWAY)

Channel 6(WECT)

WGQR (105.7 FM)

 FOXY99 (99.1 FM)

 KML (95.7)

 Emergency WATCH means a major emergency is possible.

 Emergency WARNING means a major emergency is approaching.

Shelters in Bladen County

Bladenboro Middle School (Old Bladenboro High School)

Bladen Lakes Middle School

Clarkton School of Discovery

East Arcadia School

East Bladen Middle School (Old Elizabethtown High School)

Tar Heel Middle School

If you have to evacuate to a shelter

Register every person arriving with you at the shelter.

Do not take pets, alcoholic beverages or weapons of any kind

Take blankets or sleeping bags, flashlight, special dietary food, infant needs, lightweight folding chairs, activities and games for children.

Be prepared to offer assistance to shelter workers if necessary, and stress to all family members their obligations to keep the shelter clean and sanitary.

Take a 3-day supply of all medications.

Disaster Supply Kit

Prep Guide, phone #’s, maps and docs.

Bedding, sleeping bags

At least 3 gallons (12 liters) of water per person

Special items for infants, elderly and people with disabilities

Canned food, can opener

Written instruction on how to turn off utilities.

First Aid supplies

Protective clothing and rainwear



New batteries, radio and flashlight



Emergency Supply Checklist

Plan for 3 days without water

Flashlight with batteries

Extra batteries

Portable radio

Extra pair of glasses

First Aid handbook

First Aid Kit

Medication for a least 3 days

Medical/special needs equipment

Garbage bags

Important documents

Important numbers

Nonperishable food for 3 days

Baby and pet supplies

Water 3-6 gal. Per person

Can opener

Cooking tools

Fire extinguisher

Smoke detector


Crescent Wrench

Money: small bills

Warm clothing








Home Security

ٱ   Lock doors at all times.

ٱ   Install good quality deadbolt locks on all entrance doors.

ٱ   Install peepholes or wide-angle viewers accessible to everyone.

ٱ   Do not open the door to anybody you do not know.

ٱ   Install keyed locking devices that secure the doors to the frame.  Sliding glass doors can be the easiest point of entry.  Place a bar along the track to prevent the doors from being opened.

ٱ   Install devices to prevent the windows from being opened more than a couple of inches.  Make sure you can escape from a fire.

ٱ   Prune shrubbery that can hide windows - especially basement windows.


ٱ   Keep indoor lighting on.                     ٱ   Install motion detector lighting.

ٱ   Install outdoor lighting.  Place some lights out of reach from ground.  Aim lighting away from house so you can see if anybody is approaching.

When You Are Away From Home

ٱ   Stop newspaper delivery.  Hold your mail or ask a neighbor to pick it up.

ٱ   Ask a neighbor to tend your yard and watch your home.

ٱ   Never leave messages on answering machine indicating you are away.

Home Safety Checklist

  • Review checklist and identify things you need to do.
  • Take First Aid and CPR.  Keep First Aid book handy.
  • Make a priority list of things to do.
  • Meet with household twice a year.  Review emergency plan (Prep Guide).