Computer Use
Computer Use

Computers are available to all registered patrons of the Bladen County Public Library. Users must present his/her valid library card when checking in at the desk to use the computer. “Valid library card” is defined as having no overdue materials or outstanding fines.


Internet access is available to adults 18 years of age and over who have read and agreed to abide by the Bladen County Public Library Internet Use Policy, and to patrons 13 and older with parental consent. Children 9 and younger and patrons requiring supervision, must always be accompanied by an adult when using the computer.


Visitors to Bladen County may use library computers by showing a valid, current ID. A Guest Card will be checked out to the visitor for one hour.


Users are allowed one (1) hour time slot per day. Exceptions are made at the discretion of the library staff.


Users may reserve a one hour slot on the computer on the day requested or up to one day in advance. Reservations can be made at the circulation desk or by calling the library. You may book the computer once each day the library is open.


Computers are not available the last hour the library is open.


If you are fifteen minutes late for your computer appointment you lose your turn unless you have called to tell us you will be late. When you arrive you need to inform the librarian at the desk so that library staff will know you are ready to use the computer. Please allow the librarian to tell the person using the computer he/she must stop working when you arrive.


Headphones are available for use at library computers. Volume must be kept low enough to avoid disturbing neighboring users. Laptop users must also use headphones and keep the volume low on their own equipment to preserve a quiet atmosphere.


Bladen County Public Library offers free wireless access to library patrons who have their own laptops and/or other mobile devices. These access points are unsecured and unfiltered. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with the approved Internet Use Policy of the Bladen County Public Library. Use of the wireless network is at the risk of the user. The library disclaims all liability for loss of or damages resulting from the loss of confidential information. Additionally, the library disclaims liability for stolen equipment or damages caused to hardware or software due to electric surges, viruses, or hacking. Network printing is not available for wireless users. Information must be saved to a disk or portable device to print. Library staff will not provide technical assistance for personal equipment.

Bladen County Public Library filters all computers with internet access to comply with CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act). Laptops brought into the library will not be filtered but users must abide by the approved Internet Use Policy of Bladen County Public Library.


Bladen County Public Library is not responsible for personal equipment left in a public place.


All work must be saved to a disk. Work cannot be saved to the desktop. Disks are available at the circulation desk for $1.00.


Printed copies are $.10 per page.


Please inform a library staff member when you have finished using the computer.

Approved March 20, 2008 - Bladen County Public Library Board of Trustees