Materials Selection Policy of the Bladen County Public Library

It is the policy of the Bladen County Public Library to maintain an up to date collection of standard works in all fields of knowledge plus items in current demand. Due to limited resources the library cannot purchase everything that might be desirable; therefore; the library purchases many items before others due to current demand. Gaps in the collection are filled as much as possible from newly published works. Patrons are encouraged to use the interlibrary loan service for specialized materials not available in the local collections and for which there is little general demand.

The library purchases materials to meet the recreational, educational and informational needs of the community in whatever format is convenient, including but not limited to books, paperbacks, videocassettes, periodicals, phamplets, computer software, art prints, microforms, newspapers and recordings. Efforts are made to provide materials and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues. Primarily standard reviewing media and selection tools such as the Children's Catalog; Fiction Catalog; Public Library Catalog, Library Journal, Booklist and School Library Journal are used to evaluate books and media for original purchase and replacement. The use of advertisements, flyers, book jackets, and other less desirable secondary sources will be used for the selection of materials where necessary although primarily for materials of current demand only.

The Bladen County Public Library seeks to serve all the citizens of Bladen County. The library will not attempt to furnish materials needed for formal academic courses unless they are of general use to the community. Some materials for self-study are purchsed but not to provide reading required for academic study. The provision of curriculum-related materials is the major responsibility of the school and technical college libraries.