Meeting Room Ploicy & Rules


  1. All activities held in the Bladen County Public Library must be free to those attending. Solicitation for fees, dues, or donations is not allowed. The library director must approve all meetings held in the meeting room. There will be no selling of merchandise at any activity held in the library meeting room. Exceptions may be made by the library director for meetings sponsored by the library or an approved non-profit educational group or organization when small fees are involved. The director must be notified at the time the room is requested that fees will be involved.
  2. All activities held in the meeting room must be open to the general public.
  3. The room may not be reserved for private social functions, by commercial, partisan political groups or denominational groups wishing to use the room for worship services.
  4. Committees or associations affiliated with one or more churches or denominations will be allowed the use of the meeting room for business transactions when no religious services are involved.
  5. Non-partisan political groups may also be allowed space for educational meetings open to the public. Political groups using the meeting room cannot endorse candidates, only issues.
  6. Reservations of the meeting room will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis, based on date of submission of request. Groups wishing to reserve the meeting room must submit the proper request forms before a reservation can be confirmed. RESERVATIONS CANNOT BE MADE OVER THE TELEPHONE. Groups may not reserve the meeting room continuously for the same time each week or month.
  7. The meeting room may be reserved no more than 30 days in advance by the public.
  8. The meeting room must be left in a clean and orderly condition. Groups using the meeting room must assume all responsibility for damage to library equipment or materials incurred by their group or members of their group. A representative of each group requesting the use of the meeting room must sign an agreement accepting personal responsibility. The library is not responsible for personal belongings in the meeting room.
  9. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the Bladen County Public Library building.
  10. Refreshments are allowed in the library hallway outside the meeting room only.
  11. A telephone extension is located in the meeting room. In the case of telephone messages for anyone using the meeting room, calls will be transferred to the meeting room by library staff. Long distance calls are blocked on the meeting room phone.
  12. No group or member of any group may affix or attach signs, banners, or flyers to any wall, ceiling or any piece of library property.
  13. Groups who wish to use library owned equipment for meetings held in the meeting room are responsible for damage to that equipment.
  14. The library director reserves the right to deny further use of the meeting room to any individual or group who violates the library’s policies, rules, or procedures. Individuals or groups whose activities would incite or produce imminent lawless action, or are obscene, or are obviously promoting false and misleading information, or are defamatory, or are purely commercial in nature will not be allowed to use the meeting room.
  15. The library reserves the right to limit attendance of activities held in the meeting room based on space availability and safety regulations.
  16. Activities held in the meeting room must not disrupt the use of the library by others. Persons attending activities held in the meeting room are subject to all library rules and regulations.
  17. If meetings extend past normal library hours, the individual who assumes responsibility for the care of the facility during use will be responsible for obtaining the key from the librarian during library hours, setting up, turning off lights in the meeting room, making sure no one is left in the building, being sure that the outside door is locked upon leaving, and dropping the key in the book drop located in the outside back wall of the building.
  18. Individuals and groups using the room are responsible for checking out and setting up equipment for meetings.


Approved March 20,2008 - Bladen County Public Library Board of Trustees