Registration Policy
  • Library materials are available to residents of Bladen County and surrounding counties presenting a valid borrower’s card and in good standing with the library. “In good standing” is defined as having no outstanding fines or overdue materials.
  • To apply for a library card, completely fill out a registration card and show a valid picture ID with current mailing address, or a combination of picture ID and some other proof of current mailing address: driver’s license, checkbook stub, bill, current postmarked piece of mail or car registration.
  • There is no age limit to apply for a library card. A juvenile borrower, up to age eighteen, must have a parent or legal guardian living at the address listed sign and accept responsibility for use of the card. Juvenile cards are linked with the card of the responsible adult. If either card has outstanding fines or materials overdue, both cards will be blocked until the block is cleared. The parent or guardian signing a juvenile registration must check the appropriate box for juvenile or restricted juvenile. Persons eighteen years of age and older will be issued an adult card.
  • There is no charge to obtain your first library card. There is a $5 replacement charge for additional cards. Cards that are worn with age and use are replaced at no charge if the old card is turned in at the time the new card is issued.
  • Parents/guardians with overdue materials or outstanding fines or fees will not be allowed to register their children under 18 years of age for library cards until their own records are cleared.
  • Parents may not check out materials on their children’s cards in order to avoid overdue fines and fees. The library reserves the right to stop use of any library card for which the delinquent parent/guardian has signed responsibility. Library users 18 years and older may register for their own cards.

    Approved by Bladen County Public Library Board of Trustees March 20, 2008