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News provided by MSNBC
Home invasion survivor Dr. William Petit announces run for political office

Dr. William Petit, whose wife and two daughters were killed in a 2007 Connecticut home invasion, is announcing he will run for a seat in the Connecticut state legislature.

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 12:00:43 GMT
Look back at Charlie's first week as TODAY's puppy with a purpose

We welcomed Charlie into our lives this week, naming him TODAY's second puppy with a purpose. In just the first week, he's met actors, musicians, Olympians, and made himself at home in the Orange Room. Take a look back at his awesome, exhausting first week in Studio 1A. (By TODAY with our sponsor PetSmart)

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 12:29:11 GMT
DNCE gets the weekend started early with a dance party on the TODAY plaza

The fun foursome behind "Cake by the Ocean" were ready to kick off the weekend.

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 13:24:02 GMT
VR concert: Watch a 360-degree livestream of DNCE's performance

Watch a virtual reality livestream of DNCE's Citi Concert Series on TODAY performance. You'll be able to see the band and the energetic Rockefeller Center crowd in 360 degrees.

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 00:40:00 GMT
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton in a 'race to the bottom,' Chuck Todd says

Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd tells TODAY that the race to the White House has devolved into Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump "hurling epithets at each other," adding that Trump's pitch to African-American voters is about "winning suburban votes in northern Virginia and the suburbs of Philadelphia." He calls "the sound of silence" from Republicans after Clinton called Trump a racist "stunning."

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 11:05:02 GMT
Shake Shack's Roker Burger

Missed out on eating Shake Shack's limited-time Roker Burger? Fear not, here's the recipe so you can try it at home yourself!

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 12:00:00 GMT
See 'Paralyzed Bride' Rachelle Chapman fulfill her dream of skydiving

In 2010, Rachelle Chapman was paralyzed in an accident at her bachelorette party. But in the years since, she has shown that nothing can hold her back from living her life, including fulfilling her dream of skydiving. In a TODAY exclusive, we follow her through a thrilling jump. Afterward the new mom tells NBC's Janet Shamlian, "The scariest part was just getting out of the plane."

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 12:10:28 GMT
Bodies of 2 nuns found after apparent murder in their home

The bodies of two nuns were found inside their Mississippi home, apparently murdered. The local archdiocese says there are signs of a break-in, and their car was missing. The search for a suspect is ongoing. NBC's Janet Shamlian report for TODAY from Durant, Mississippi.

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 11:13:37 GMT
Italy earthquake: Aftershocks hamper desperate search for survivors

The death toll following the powerful earthquake that shook central Italy rose overnight as the search for survivors enters its third day. Officials say no Americans died or were injured. NBC chief global correspondent Bill Neely reports for TODAY from the town of Amatrice.

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 11:11:17 GMT
Ryan Lochte charged with filing false police report in Rio

Brazilian police are charging Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte with filing a false police report after he alleged he was robbed at gunpoint in Rio during the Olympics. A formal document is expected to be sent summoning Lochte to respond to the case. TODAY national correspondent Craig Melvin says that if Lochte does not appear in court, the case will proceed without him until the final sentence.

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 11:32:16 GMT