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Memorials & Donations

A library book given as a memorial serves as a lasting tribute and extends an individualís impact on the community. Suggestions for appropriate choices are welcome. Please let the Library purchase a book to avoid duplication of titles. A plate is placed in each book identifying the name of the honored person and the donor. An announcement of the gift is sent to the person the donor wishes to inform. No amount of purchase is mentioned. An announcement of the gift is submitted to the newspaper/media. Honor Books recognizing an individual for a special occasion or leadership are available. A plate is placed in the book with the honoree and donor named. An announcement of the gift is submitted to the newspaper/media. The average cost of a gift book is $20 to $30 and is a tax-deductible donation. The Adair County Public Library is a non-profit organization.

October - December 2014 Memorial Books:

Rick Anderson - Given by Richard & Claudine Frazier. "WWII Secret Operations Handbook" by Hart and "History of Rock 'n' Roll in Ten Songs" by Marcus.
Great Grandma Burger - Given by Faith, Wyatt, Owen & Will Byrum. "My Book of Counting."
Scotland Clark - Given by Alinda Laudwig, Parker, Anita Coffman and Jaxon. "Winter is Coming" by Johnston.
Piper Annlyn Laudwig - Given by Grandma Anita and Uncle Jaxon. "Mommy's Little Sunflowers" by McAllister and "Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too" by Dewdney.
Tommy Laudwig - Given by Alinda & Parker Laudwig. "Down by the Barn" by Hillenbrand.
Susan Walker Montgomery - Given by Pat Ellebracht. "Where the Wind Leads" by Chung.
Susan Walker Montgomery - Given by Family & Friends. "Gray Mountain" (Large Print) by John Grisham, "The Wedding Dress" by Hauck, "Hope to Die" (Large Print" by Patterson, "The Burning Room" by Connelly, "Blue Labyrinth" (Large Print) by Preston, "How to Be Parisian: Love, Style, and Bad Habits" by Berest, "Murder at the Brightwell" by Weaver, "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" by Brown, "Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Parties, Exhibitions and People," "Great Maps: the World's Masterpieces Explored and Explained," "Napoleon: a Life" by Roberts, "How to Be a Victorian" (Large Print) by Goodman and "The Escape" (Large Print) by Baldacci.
Susan Walker Montgomery - Given by Faith Baptist Church. "Before Amen: the Power of a Simple Prayer" by Lucado, "Jesus on Trial: a Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel" by Limbaugh, "A Place Called Hope" by Gulley, "All is Bright" by Spencer, and "Small Victories: Spotting Improbably Moments of Grace" by Lamott.
Susan Walker Montgomery - Given by Mary Anderson. "Power Play" (Large Print) by Coulter.
Herbie Payne, Jr. - Given by Herbert Payne. "B-52 Stratofortress" by Yenne.
Lloyd Primmer (Father of Tom Primmer) - Given by KATC Social Committee. "Taste of Home: Hunting & Fishing Cookbook."

October - December 2014 Honor Books:

Diane Burger (Adair County Public Library Children's Librarian) December Birthday - Given by Glenda Hunt. "Jack" by DePaola.
Clayton Dillavou (Book Sale Organizer) - Given by Friends of the Adair County Public Library. "Gardening in Your Greenhouse" by Freeman.
Janet Dillavou (Book Sale Organizer) - Given by Friends of the Adair County Public Library. "Encyclopedia of Garden Plants for Every Location."
Kara Drury (Adair County Public Library Administrative Assistant) November Birthday - Given by Glenda Hunt. "Yes Please" by Poehler.
Juliana Rose Farias - Given by John & Jackie Settlage. "Edible Colors" by Bass and "The Bambino and Me" by Hyman.
Eldon & JoEllen Hays (50th Wedding Anniversary) - Given by Glenda Hunt. "The Inspired Wedding: Seven Handcrafted Themes for Your Big Day" by Arendoski.
Logan Lehmann - Given by Grandma & Grandpa Lehmann. "Richard Scarry's Best Lowly Worm Book EVER!" by Scarry.
Luke Lehmann - Given by Grandma & Grandpa Lehmann. "Minecraft Essential Handbook" by Milton.
Macey Lehmann - Given by Grandma & Grandpa Lehmann. "I Am a Witch's Cat" by Muncaster and "Here Comes Santa Cat" by Underwood.
Grace Mohler - Given by Mom & Dad. "Magic Marks the Spot" by Carlson, "Terror of the Southlands" by Carlson, "Saving Lucas Biggs" by Santos, "Under the Egg" by Fitzgerald, "Always Abigail" by Cavanaugh, "Leroy Ninker Saddles Up" by DiCamillo, "The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill" by Blakemore, "The Thickety: a Patch Begins" by White, "The Glass Sentence" by Grove, "Little Author in the Big Woods: a Biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder," "The Fairy Tale Matchmaker" by Baker, "Puss & Boots" by Imai, "Mr. Putter & Tabby Turn the Page" by Rylant, and "Little Elliot" by Curato.
Vern & Mary Playle (50th Wedding Anniversary) - Given by Paul & Glenda Hunt. "12 Days of Christmas with Six Sisters' Stuff."
Gina Rybkowski (Adair County Public Library Circulation Clerk) December Birthday - Given by Glenda Hunt. "I Love My Hat" by Florian.
Susan Warren (Adair County Public Library Circulation Clerk) December Birthday - Given by Glenda Hunt. "Pen & Ink Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them" by Fitzgerald.

October - December 2014 Gifts:

Hastings Books.Video.Music Your Entertainment Superstore - "The Case of the Vanishing Little Brown Bat" by Markle, "Get the Scoop on Animal Poop" by Cusick, "Neighborhood Sharks" by Roy, "Sequoia" by Johnston, "Gettysburg" by Vansant, "Grant vs. Lee" by Vansant, "Normandy" by Vansant, "Bombing Nazi Germany" by Vansant, "Chasing Cheetahs: the Race to Save Africa's Fastest Cats" by Montgomery and "Everything Dinosaurs" by Hoena.
Missouri Laureate Epsilon Theta Beta Sigma Phi - "Eliza Bloom: My Explosive Diary" by Gale, "Pete the Cat: Old McDonald Had a Farm" by Dean, "Froggy Gets a Doggy" by London, "My Bus" by Barton and "The Tooth Fairy Wars" by Coombs.
Lester Seebree - "Bicycle Repair Manual" by Sidwells.
NEMO Vi-Queens - "Engines of Change" by Ingrassia, "So You Think You Know Baseball" by Meltzer, "Bats in the Band" by Lies, "Pumpkin Time" by Deak, "Otis & the Scarecrow" by Long, "Remy & Lulu" by Hawkes, "You Are Not My Friend But I Miss You" by Kirk and "Gigantosaurus" by Duddle.


Establishing an endowment:

  • An endowment must be a minimum of $1,000. Contributions can be made over a one year period to build the endowment gift to $1,000.
  • Gifts can be added to the endowment at any time to increase the endowment after it is established in the amount of $1,000.
  • Only the interest is spent each year, never the principal, so an endowment is a continuous memorial gift.
  • A plate is placed inside each item purchased with endowment funds. Endowment publicity is submitted to the newspaper/media unless otherwise requested.
  • Organizations, friends, family, or individuals may establish endowments.
  • An endowment established by an individual is a tax-deductible gift.
Contact Glenda Hunt, Director, about information establishing an endowment or presenting a gift to the Adair County Public Library.

Endowments as of January 2015:

American Legion, MacDougall-Lowe Post #20 Kirksville
Jennie Greenslate Barker (Aunt of Jo Scott)
Steve Barteau Family
John & Jane Bartling
Lola G. Bell
Pat Borrok
Jack Branscom
Alvina M. Britz
Chariton Laboratory Services - Dr. Jeffrey D. Morasco, Dr. Maria L. Evans, and Dr. Anirudha Halder
Bruce & Carol Collier
Travis W. Freeman
Friends of the Adair County Public Library
General Library Endowment
Emil & Pat Green
Dwight & Judy Hart
The Heckert Family
Dr. Teresa Heckert
Paul & Glenda Hunt
Edward & Marietta Jayne
Kirksville Kiwanis Club
Kirksville Rotary Club
Kirksville Women of the Moose Chapter 824
Gilbert & Mary Jane Kohlenberg
Mark H. Laughlin
Tom Laughlin
Thomas & Linda Lehmann
Marian Josephine Lehr
Dr. Richard & Bess Mercer
Catherine Motter
Shannon Dean Muir
Herman James Netterfield
William & Eva Jane Noe
Frances P. Norman
Frank & Judy Oberle
Clayton B. & Odessa Ofstad
Harold & Becky Osborn
Dr. Charles & Sharon Pritchard
Joseph E. Ressner
Cathy Rethmeier and Family
Earl E. Rogers Trust Inc.
Margaret E. Rogers Trust
Joyce Rollins
Rotary Club of Kirksville - Thousand Hills
J. Mark Scearce
Michael J. Scearce
John & Jacquelyn Settlage
Sojourner's Club
Wal-Mart Foundation
Jeanne Wilson

Books Purchased with Endowment Fund Interest

Endowment Recognition Event - April 12, 2010

The Recognition Tree
The Library Board of Trustees established a Recognition Tree on the east wall at the Library entrance. Policies to have a gold leaf placed on the Recognition Tree:
  • Discretionary monetary donations must total $1,000 or more to qualify the donorís name to be engraved on a leaf for inclusion on the Recognition Tree.
  • All endowments (past, present and future) of $1,000 or more will be added to the Recognition Tree. Future additions of $1,000 or more to an existing endowment will be recognized with an additional leaf or acorn.
  • Donations for memorials and/or tributes submitted for the purchase of books and materials will not qualify the donorís name for inclusion on the Recognition Tree. The reason for this is that all books and materials purchased by these donations will have a memorial or tribute plaque affixed to the item thus giving the donor recognition for said item.
  • A donor may have one leaf per year for each category of new Endowment, Memorial, Tribute or Gift.
  • The tree will be updated yearly or at the discretion of the Library Board or Director.
  • For consistency in recognition and appearance the wording on leaves and acorns will have the name, type of donation (endowment, memorial, tribute, gift) and year.