A library book given as a memorial serves as a lasting tribute and extends an individual's impact on the community. Suggestions for appropriate choices are welcome. Please let the Library purchase a book to avoid duplication of titles. A plate is placed in each book identifying the name of the honored person and the donor. An announcement of the gift is sent to the person the donor wishes to inform. No amounts of purchase is mentioned. Honor Books recognizing an individual for a special occasion or leadership are available. A plate is placed in the book with the honoree and donor named. The average cost of a gift book is $20-$30 and is a tax-deductible donation. The Adair County Public Library is a non-profit organization.

Adair County Public Library Endowment Gifts
The Adair County Public Library has purchased the following books with the interest from endowments.  Only the interest is spent each year, never the principal, so an endowment is a continuous memorial gift.

2019 Endowment Books

ADAIR COUNTY MILITARY FAMILIES—"Daddy, Can you see the Moon?” by Krause.

AMERICAN LEGION MacDOUGALL LOWE POST NO. 20 KIRKSVILLE— "Sink or Swim: A novel of WWII” by Watkins, “A Dog like Daisy” by Tubb, “Making bombs for Hitler” by Skrypuch, “Milton +Odie and the Bigger-Than-Bigmouth Bass” by Fraser, “Stretchy McHandsome” by Schachner, “My Big Dumb Invisible Dragon” by Lucas.

JENNIE GREENSLATE BARKER (Aunt of Jo Scott)—"A Big Bed for Little Snow” by Lin.

STEVE BARTEAU FAMILY—"Very Lulu: the (mostly) true story of a Training school dropout” by Campisi.

JOHN & JANE BARTLING—“The thank-you project: cultivating happiness one letter of gratitude at a time” by Kho, “How Happiness Happens” by Lucado, “Always near: 10 ways to delight in the closeness of God” by Morgan, “Taken by Speed: Fallen heroes of Motor  Sport and their legacies” by Kirk, “Hack your cupboard: Make great food with what you’ve got” by WIegard, “Roly Poly” by Dyer.

JOHN BATCHELOR—“Three days at the Brink: FDR’S Daring Gamble to win WWII” Audiobook by Baier, A History of the Bible: The story of the World’s most Influential Book” by Barton.

LOLA G. BELL—"Kiss the Girls and Make the Cry” Large Print by Clark.

PAT BORROK—"Henry and Bea” by Bagley, “Lola Goes to School” by McQuinn.

JACK BRANSCOM—"How Truman found his Roar” by Fox.

ALVINA BRITZ—“Jet Girl: My life in war, peace, and the cokpit of the Navy’s most lethal aircraft, the F/A-18 Super Hornet” by Johnson.

MARK & DIANE BURGER—“The Important thing about Margaret Wise Brown” by Barnett., “Hey Grand Dude” by McCartney.

CHARITON LABORATORY SERVICES—“Golf: the complete manual” by Newell, “Tee time with Daddy: My first Nine” by Dooley, “Born to fish: How an obsessed angler became the world’s greatest striped Bass fisherman” by Gallagher.

BRUCE & CAROL COLLIER—"Wrapped up in Christmas” Audiobook by Lynn, “Out of the Picture” Audiobook by Gardner, “Spy” Audiobook by Steel, “Devil in the Saddle” Audiobook by London, “Layover” Audiobook by Bell, “Lake of the Ozarks” Audiobook by Geist, “Gingerbread Romance” Audiobook by Baker, “It’s all about the Small Things” Audiobook by Shankle, “Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers” Audiobook by Houston, “Genesis” Audiobook by Cook, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball” Audiobook by Kinney, “A Royal Christmas Wish” Audiobook by Shane, “Gemstones: a jewelry maker’s guide to identifying and using beautiful rocks” by Crowe, “A fox found a box” by Adamson, “Little Mole’s Wish” by Kim. 

VAUNCILLE EITEL—"St. Francis Society for Wayward Pets” by Noblin.

TRAVIS FREEMAN—"A way to garden: a hands on primer for every season” by Roach.

FRIENDS OF THE ADAIR COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY—"Delish-Insane sweets” by Saltz, “Inspire your home: easy, affordable, ideas to make every room glamourous” by Merhi, “Math Makers: the lives and works of 50 famous Mathematicians” by Posamentier,  “Sunny Day: A celebration of the Sesame Street theme Song”, “Saturday” by Mora, “Go, Girls, Go!” by Gilbert.

GENERAL ENDOWMENT—“No man’s land” by Driscoll.

EMIL & PAT GREEN—"Antique Roadshow: 40 years of great finds” by Atterbury, “This is how we do it: one day in the lives of seven kids from around the world” by Lamothe, “Becoming Dr. Seuss: Theodor Geisel and the making of an American Imagination” by Jones.

DWIGHT & JUDY HART—“Tractor Mac: Autumn is here” by Steers.

DR. TERESA HECKERT—“ Radical: the science, culture, and history of Breast cancer in America” by Pickert.

HECKERT  FAMILY— " Princess Puffybottom…and Darryl” by Nielsen.

PAUL & GLENDA HUNT—“Sam Houston and The Alamo Avengers: The Texas Victory that changed American History” by Kilmeade, “The Kansas City Star Quilts: sampler 60+ blocks from 1928 to 1961” by Brackman.

EDWARD & MARIETTA JAYNE—“1919: The Year that changed America” by Sandler.

KIRKSVILLE ROTARY CLUB—“World Peace (and how we can achieve it)” by Bellamy, “Polio: the Odyssey of Eradication”, by Abraham, “Space Craft: 100 Iconic Rockets, Shuttles, and Satellites that pus us in Space” by Gorn, “Born on the Links: a concise history of Golf” by Williamson, “Things My son needs to know about the world” by Backman, “100 things Missouri Fans should know and do before they die” by Matter.

KIRKSVILLE WOMEN OF THE MOOSE, CHAPTER 824—“The Buddy bench” by Brozo.

KIWANIS CLUB OF KIRKSVILLE--"Hannah Sparkles: Hooray for the first day of school” by Mellom.

GILBERT & MARY JANE KOHLENBERG—“Leadership in War: Essential Lessons from those who made history” by Roberts, “Epic Fails: The Edsel, the mullet, and other icons of unpopular culture” by Murguia, “When the snow is deeper than my boots are tall” by Reidy.

MARK LAUGHLIN—“Hello, Hedgehog” by Buller, “The Friendship book” by Ray.

TOM LAUGHLIN—"Santa is coming to Nova Scotia” by Smallman, “Down by the River” by Weiner.

TOM & LINDA LEHMANN—“There was an old woman who lived in a book” by Tejido, “How the Dead Speak” by McDermid, “If Only they could talk” by Herriot, “It shouldn’t happen to a vet” by Herriot, “Let Sleeping vets lie” by Herriot, “Vet in Harness” by Herriot, “Vets might Fly” by Herriot, “Every living thing” by Herriot, “The Lord God Made them all” by Herriot, “Vet in a spin” by Herriot.

MARIAN LEHR— “How to treat people: A Nurse’s notes” by Case, “Sunday Brunch Cookbook”, “Learn to play Bridge like a boss” by Medley.

RICH MCKINNEY---“The Music of Love” by Thomas.

DR. RICHARD & BESS MERCER—“Just watch me” by Lindsay, “Edison” by Morris.

CATHERINE MOTTER—” The King of Kindergarten” by Barnes, “The Bridge to Belle Island” Large print by Klassen, “Tulips: Beautiful varieties for Home and Garden” by Easter.

SHANNON & JANE MUIR—“Shadow Rider: Blood sky at Morning” Large Print by Sherman, “Shotguns and Stagecoaches: the Brave men who rode for Wells Fargo in the Wild West. Large Print by Boessenecker.

HERMAN JAMES NETTERFIELD — "Three Days at the Brink: FDR’s daring gamble to win World War II” by Baier, “Woodland Whittling” by Benson. 

WILLIAM & EVA JANE NOE—“The Hundred year barn” by MacLachlan, “Chocolate Cream Pie Murder” Large Print by Fluke, “Stormy: a story about finding a forever home” by Guojing, “The way of the woodshop: Creating, designing, and decorating with wood” by Zee.

FRANCES P. NORMAN—“Eudora Welty: Photographs” by Welty.

CLAYTON & ODESSA OFSTAD—“The new Essentials Cookbook: A modern guide to better cooking” By America’s Test Kitchen, “No Surrender: A Father, A son, and an extraordinary act of heroism that continues to live on today” by Edmonson.

HAROLD & BECKY OSBORN—“Decorating with plants: what to choose, ways to style, and how to make them thrive” by Chapman, “Thomas Jefferson’s Education” by Taylor, ‘The Martha Manual: How to do (almost) everything” by Stewart,  “Frontier America” Large Print by Johnstone, “Hill Women: Finding family and a way forward in the Appalachian Mountains” by Chambers.

DR. CHARLES & SHARON PRITCHARD--- “The Photo Ark Vanishing: The World’s most vulnerable animals” by Sartore.

JOSEPH RESSNER—“Holy Ghost” Large Print by Sandford.

CATHY RETHMEIER & FAMILY—“Peanuts Family Cookbook” by Owen.

EARL E. ROGERS, INC.—“Five Fuzzy Chicks” by Murray, “The Three cornered war: The Union, The Confederacy, and Native Peoples in the Fight for the West” by Nelson, “The Rise and Fall of Charles Lindbergh” by Fleming, “Storey’s guide to raising beef Cattle” by Thomas.

MARGARET ROGERS TRUST—“Christmas cheer for the Grouchy Ladybug” by Carle, “The Truth about Grandparents” by Ellis, “HO HO Homework” by Larsen, “Cookies for Santa: The story of how Santa’s favorite cookie saved Christmas” by America’s Test Kitchen, “ Sorry, Grown ups, you can’t go to school” by Geist, “Cozy Christmas Comforts” by Gooseberry Patch, “ Christmas cookies” by Gooseberry Patch, “Taste of Home: Handmade Christmas”. 

JOYCE ROLLINS— “Fairytale baking: Delicious Treats inspired by Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, and other classic stories” by Guweke.

ROTARY CLUB OF KIRKSVILLE- THOUSAND HILLS—“Sadie and the Silver Shoes” by Godwin.

J.  MARK SCEARCE— "Double Bass Blues” by Loney.

MICHAEL SCEARCE—“Mutual rescue: How adopting a homeless animal can save you too” by Novello.

JOHN & JACKIE SETTLAGE—“Good Husbandry: Growing food, love and family on Essex Farm” by Kimball, “A pilgrimage to eternity: from Canterbury to Rome in search of a faith” by Egan, “Whole farm management: From start up to sustainability” “Conversations with RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Life, love, liberty, and law” by Rosen, “Before we eat: from farm to table” by Brisson, “Sofia Valdez, Future Prez” by Brisson. 

SOJOURNERS CLUB—"On the Street: Five decades of Iconic Photography” by Cunningham, “Your Country needs you: Cadet nurses of World War II” by Robinson, “Cadet Nurse: Stories” By Robinson, “The Little Women Cookbook: Novel takes on classic Recipes from Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy and Friends” by Bergstrom, “On Flowers: Lessons from an accidental Florist” by Merrick, “Fern and Horn” by Gay, “Take Your pet to school Day” by Ashman, “Giracula” by Watkins, “A Garden Miscellany: An Illustrated guide to the elements of the Garden” by Staubach, “The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite stories of courage and Resilience” by Clinton, “A day for Skating” by Sullivan, “Jimmy Zangwow’s out of this world moon pie adventure” by Di Terlizzi, “Hangry” by Brockington, “Monkey Time” by Hall, “A Perfect Silhouette” Large Print by Miller, “The Wartime Sisters” Large Print by Loigman.

WAL-MART FOUNDATION—“Potions are for pushovers” by Berry.

JEANNE WILSON—“Patina Living” by Giannetti.


Establishing an Endowment:

- An endowment must be a minimum of $1,000. Contributions can be made over a one year period to build the endowment gift to $1,000

- Gifts can be added to the endowment at any time to increase the endowment after it is established in the amount of $1,000

- Only the interest is spent each year, never the principal, so an endowment is a continuous memorial gift

- A plate is placed inside each item purchased with endowment funds. Endowment publicity is submitted to the newspaper/media unless otherwise requested

- Organizations, friends, familiy, or individuals may establish endowments

- An endowment established by an individual is a tax-deductible gift

Contact Jami Livingston, Library Director, about establishing an endowment or presenting a gift to the Adair County Public Library.


Endowments as of January 2019:


Adair County Military Families

American Legion, MacDougall-Lowe Post #20 Kirksville

Joseph E. Ressner

Lola G. Bell

Sojourner's Club

Gilbert & Mary Jane Kohlenberg

Shannon Dean Muir

Joyce Rollins

Dr. Charles & Sharon Pritchard

Friends of the Adair County Public Library

Kirksville Rotary Club

Frank & Judy Oberle

General Library Endowment

Jennie Greenslate Barker (Aunt of Jo Scott)

Wal-Mart Foundation

Clayton B. & Odessa Ofstad

Emil & Pat Green

Thomas & Linda Lehmann

Steve Barteau Family

Tom Laughlin

J. Mark Scearce

Michael J. Scearce

John & Jane Bartling

Jeanne Wilson

Bruce & Carol Collier

Dr. Teresa Heckert

Harold & Becky Osborn

Jack Branscom

John & Jacquelyn Settlage

Chariton Laboratory Service- Dr. Jeffrey D. Morasco, Dr. Marla L. Evans, and Dr. Anirudha Halder

Marian Josephine Lehr

Paul & Glenda Hunt

Margaret E. Rogers Trust

Dr. Richard & Bess Mercer

The Heckert Family

Edward & Marietta Jayne

Alvina M. Britz

Dwight & Judy Hart

Catherine Motter

Herman James Netterfield

Frances P. Norman

Kirksville Kiwanis Club

Earl E. Rogers Trust Inc.

Thousand Hills Rotary Club

Cathy Rethmeier and Family

Travis W. Freeman

William & Eva Jane Noe

Mark H. Laughlin

Pat Borrok

Kirksville Women of the Moose Chapter 824

John Batchelor

Vauncille Eitel

Mark & Diane Burger

Rich McKinney



The Recognition Tree

The Library Board of Trustees established a Recognition Tree on the east wall at the Library entrance. Policies to have a gold leaf placed on the Recognition Tree:

- Discretionary monetary donations must total $1,000 or more to qualify the donor's name to be engraved on a leaf for inclusion on the Recognition Tree

- All endowments (past, present and future) of $1,000 or more will be added to the Recognition Tree. Future additions of $1,000 or more to an existing endowment will be recognized with an additional leaf

- Donations for memorials and/or tributes submitted for the purchase of books and materials will not qualify the donor's name for inclusion on the Recognition Tree. The reason for this is that all books and materials purchased by these donations will have a memorial or tribute plaque affixed to the item thus giving the donor recognition for said item

- A donor may have one leaf per year for each category of new endowment, memorial, tribute or gift

- The tree will be updated yearly or at the discretion of the Library Board or Director

- For consistency in recognition and appearance the wording on leaves will have the name, type of donation (endowment, memorial, tribute, gift) and year