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News provided by CNN
Facebook, Instagram goes down; Twitter freaks out

It's bad enough that the northwest has a horrible storm to contend with, but then Facebook and Instagram goes out?

Tue, 27 Jan 2015 15:17:29 EST
Laser-transformed metal so slick that water bounces off

Water often damages metals, causing rust, wear and decay.

Tue, 27 Jan 2015 15:17:28 EST
Asteroid's moon seen during Earth flyby

The asteroid that flew close to Earth Monday didn't come alone.

Tue, 27 Jan 2015 15:17:29 EST
See how technology is revolutionizing modern policing

Policing is rapidly changing with the advent of new technology. CNN's Kyung Lah reports.

Tue, 27 Jan 2015 15:17:28 EST
Gaming to death: What turns a hobby into a health hazard?

Earlier this month, a 32-year old male gamer was found dead at a Taiwanese Internet cafe following a non-stop three-day gaming session. This followed the death of another male gamer who died in Taipei at the start of the year following a five-day gaming binge.

Tue, 27 Jan 2015 15:17:28 EST
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