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Internet Policy

Responsible and Courteous use of the Internet

[Adopted by the Board of Trustees on May 18, 2005]

To be used in conjunction with CDPLís Internet Access Policy

The Internet is intended for educational, informational and recreational purposes only. This document serves to define appropriate Internet use at Clarence Dillon Public Library. Due to rapid changes in the use of the Internet and electronic sources, this list is not intended to be complete.

Library staff is not responsible for monitoring use of the Internet. Computer workstations are located in public areas that are shared by library users of all ages, backgrounds and sensibilities. Individual Internet users are expected to consider this if accessing potentially controversial information and images. Internet searching and/or inappropriate patron behavior while accessing the Internet will not be permitted to interfere with or disrupt library operations. CDPL reserves the right to terminate Internet sessions at any time.

Responsibility for (and any restriction of) a childís use of the Internet rests solely with his or her parents or legal guardians.

The following activities are not permitted and will result in the termination of an Internet session:

  • Modifying the configuration settings of any program on a CDPL Computer.

  • Illegal or unethical use of the Internet.

  • Making unauthorized copies of copyrighted, licensed or otherwise controlled information and/or software residing on the Internet.

  • Seeking disallowed access to any other computer system via the Internet.

  • Damaging or altering the setup of any equipment used to access the Internet.

  • Damaging software or data residing on the Internet.

  • Transmission of threatening, harassing or abusive language and/or images.

  • Downloading files to the hard drive

  • Introducing or installing any software to CDPL computer equipment.

  • Deliberate propagation of computer worms and viruses.

  • Displaying, sending, receiving or printing text, images or graphics that violate laws relating to child pornography (N.J.S.A. 2C:24:4).

  • Professional staff members of CDPL are able to answer basic questions about use of the Internet and offer searching suggestions to help locate information resources and popular sites. They are not able to offer in-depth training in Internet or personal computer skills. Internet users may also be advised when more accurate, comprehensive or current information can be found in the CDPLís collection of books or periodicals. Please consult with a member of the Reference staff.

    Internet sessions are on a first come, first served basis. If no other library users are waiting, a session can be extended.

    Internet Access Policy

    [Adopted by the Board of Trustees on May 18, 2005]

    To be used in conjunction with CDPLís Responsible and Courteous Use of the Internet

    Clarence Dillon Public Library is pleased to offer patron access to the wealth of information available through the Internet as part of the Libraryís goal of providing quality service in meeting the educational and recreational needs of its public.

    Clarence Dillon Public Library endorses the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights and Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks: an Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights. Thus, all Library users are provided equal access to available resources.

    Clarence Dillon Public Library does not endorse the viewpoints or vouch for the authenticity of information accessed via the Internet. Users must determine what information is appropriate and must evaluate for themselves the accuracy of the information accessed.

    Responsibility for (and any restriction of) a childís use of the Internet rests solely with his or her parents or legal guardians.

    All Library users have the right to confidentiality in their research and use of services provided by Clarence Dillon Public Library. However, users are advised that because of the open nature of the Internet, both technical aspects and physical/space constraints, the Library cannot guarantee the privacy of searching conducted at public access computers.

    Clarence Dillon Public Library reserves the right to terminate a patronís Internet session at any time and to enforce the guidelines expressed in the attached document, Responsible and Courteous Use of the Internet. Repeated abuse of this policy will result in a loss of Internet use at the Directorís and/or Board of Trusteesí discretion.

    Illegal activity involving CDPLís Internet resources will be subject to prosecution by the appropriate authorities.

    Clarence Dillon Public Library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from access to or use of information obtained through its electronic information resources, or any consequences thereof.

    CDPLís Internet Access Policy, Responsible and Courteous Use of the Internet statement, and applicable state and federal laws apply to wireless access through CDPLís network.

    The wireless network is shared bandwidth and connection speeds are not guaranteed. Connection strength may vary within the building.

    CDPL assumes no responsibility for any alteration or interference with a laptopís configuration, settings, operation or data files resulting from connection to the wireless network.

    CDPL assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of any kind to a userís equipment, software, data files or other personal property being used on CDPL property.

    Virus and security protection is the userís responsibility.

    CDPL staff cannot configure your computer.

    Printing is not available to wireless users.

    CDPL may terminate any wireless session, which is adversely impacting the library networkís performance. Such activities may include downloading software, large images, music, etc.

    ADOPTED: July 20, 2005
    Clarence Dillon Public Library
    Board of Trustees


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