Passport to... 2.0

Beginning in February 2016 the Library abandoned its in-person Passport events and moved to a video format. A new Passport to... 2.0 video will be added on the third Tuesday of each month (the day the Library Board meets). Click the link below to view the Passport to... 2.0 videos.

* Indicates newest video.

Animals (Wild and Domestic)

Wolves in Utah (August 2017). Keith Day of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources discussed wolves in Utah.

Art and Literature

The Heart of Art (September 2016). Discusses the importance of art in our lives. Features Cassandra Higgs, Katie Jensen, and Mona Woolsey,

Novel Truth (Part A) (July 2016). Discusses the discovery of "truth" from fiction writing. Features Gail, Harris, Lauran McAfee, Dr. Todd Petersen, Tasha Seegmiller, Brian Townsend, and Staci Wilson.

Novel Truth (Part B) (November 2016). Excepts from fiction writings that expound :truth."



Sheep to Shawl (July 2016). Processing wool from shearing to finished product. Graciously arranged for by Ann Nelson and donated by Benjamin Howe.


History, Natural History, Geology, Anthropology

Cemeteries of Iron County (February 2016): Primarily centers of the Cedar City and Parowan Cemeteries. Features Sandra Benson and Ryan Paul.

Southern Utah University Archaeology Repository. Features Curator Barbara Frank discussion the repository's collection.


Local Interest

Cedar City Trivia (December 2016). A trivia quiz to test your knowledge of Cedar City.

"Day"cations and Jaunts (June 2016). Easy day trips/"stay"cations in the Cedar City area.


Paranormal and Occult

Paranormal: Southern Utah Paranormal (March 2016). Discusses paranormal occurances in Cedar City, Utah. Features Todd Prince.


Sports, Fitness and Wellness

Any "Body" Can (October 2016). Bodybuilding and physique-building for recreation and competition. Features physique competitor Aja James and Utah FIrefighter calendar Mr, October, Cody Kirkham.

I Run (May 2016). Recreational runners discuss why they run. Features: Wendy Bonzo, Natasha Hirschi, the late David W. Scott, and Jerry Womack

Rim to Rim (August 2016). Drew Jackson discusses his experience hiking the Grand Canyon from "rim to rim."

*Understanding Massage (September 2017): Healing Mountain Massage School personnel discuss massage.

Water Polo (April 2016). Water polo is not a sanctioned sport in Utah. This video highlights the Canyon View High School and Cedar High School water polo programs