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Room Use Policy

Statement of Purpose

The Abbeville County Library System has meeting rooms available as an extension of library services and for the purpose of meeting the informational, educational, recreational, and cultural needs of a growing, diverse community.

The facilities should be made available to the public served by the given library on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.

The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the public library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group's policies or beliefs.

Application for Use:

1. The Poliakoff Gallery and Meeting Room and two study rooms are available at the main branch of the Abbeville County Library System. The capacity of the Poliakoff Gallery and Meeting Room is four (4) to twelve (12) persons. The capacity of the Study Rooms is one (1) to four (4) persons.

2. Use of the Poliakoff Gallery and Meeting Room at the main branch of the Abbeville County Library System Main Library is granted to community groups and organizations whose aims are library connected: educational, cultural, or informational.

3. The Poliakoff Gallery and Meeting Room must be booked in advance on a first-come, first-served basis by a person who will be responsible for all conditions stated. The library's use of the Poliakoff Gallery and Meeting Room in providing library-related uses takes precedence over other meetings. The library retains the privilege of canceling any outside use of the room but must give at least forty-eight hours notice.

4. An application must be filled out by an official of the organization requesting the room. It must be signed and returned to the library before the room is used. Forms are available at the main branch of the Abbeville County Library System.

5. When the meeting room is to be used by a qualifying organization with members under 18 years of age, application for the use of the room must be made by an adult who is 25 years old or older, and adults must be present during use of the meeting room. Sponsoring adults should arrive well in advance of the meeting hour to assure proper conduct throughout the meeting and stay until the room is restored to order and vacated.

6. The person/organization making the reservation will be held responsible for the proper conduct of those attending the meeting and for the expense of any damage to library property.

7. The library cannot guarantee a regular meeting place for any group. Reservations may be made for three consecutive meeting dates. At the end of the third meeting, future reservations may be made in the same manner.

8. Notice of cancellation shall be given to the library immediately, as failure to do so may deny others the use of the room. Continued abuse of this kind may result in refusal to book the group.

The Meeting Room may not be used for:

1. Any purpose which, in the opinion of the Director and/or Library Board, may interfere with the normal use of the Library

2. A return engagement by a group that has abused or damaged the facility in its earlier use or has violated any of the regulations set forth in this policy.

3. Sale or promotion of products or services, except in conjunction with a library program.

4. Events promoting individual political candidates.

5. Purely social functions unless sponsored by the library or a library group

Hours of Use:

Meetings must be held within library hours. Meetings may be held beginning one half hour after the library opens and must conclude one half hour prior to closing of the library.


1. Abbeville County Library Systemís Main Branch is wireless and attendees are welcome to bring personal laptops, tablets and other technology for use during meetings.

2. No equipment or supplies owned by a group or individual will be stored in the library.

3. Equipment or furnishings that are library property may not be removed from the meeting room.

4. No large furniture or equipment may be brought into meeting room or library without permission.

5. Library personnel cannot be provided to assist in the handling of materials, exhibits, or operation of audiovisual equipment.

6. All materials and equipment used by groups must be removed at the end of the meeting.

7. The Library System is not responsible for items left in the conference room.

General Rules and Limitations:

1. All library policies apply to use of the meeting room. Attendees must conduct themselves according to rules of etiquette that govern a public library.

2. No fees may be charged by a group while using the room. The library will accept donations to help defray the cost of the utilities.

3. In any publicity concerning meetings in the library, organizations are requested to use the correct name of the library and to make it clear that the library is not the sponsor.

4. The meeting room shall not be used as a headquarters or a mailing address for any organization.

5. The library does not have a paging service, and therefore we cannot call people to the telephone or provide a library phone for meeting room use. Library phones must be reserved for the conduct of regular library business.

6. Lighted candles or flames, because of fire hazard, are not to be used in the meeting rooms.

7. Any groups using the rooms that bring children to the meeting may not leave the children unsupervised in other areas of the library.

8. Library staff may attend or observe any meeting or program at any time.

9. For and in consideration of the use of the meeting room and library facilities, any person or group using same hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Abbeville County Library System from any and all actions or suits relating to such rooms and facilities. Further, such person or group agrees to reimburse the Abbeville County Library System for any and all costs for repair of any and all damage as may be caused directly or indirectly to the room and/or facilities by such thereof. If any organization refuses to pay for the damage, the matter will be referred to an attorney for legal action.

10. The Library Board expects that any group utilizing the meeting rooms will comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act which require that a meeting or materials at a meeting be provided in an accessible format in response to a request.

Study Rooms

Study rooms are available in the Main Branch of the Library System for use by the public for quiet study and small group meetings. The rooms will be used on a first-come, first-served basis and reservations will not be taken in advance. Users are expected to observe the occupancy requirement. All Library policies apply to the use of the study rooms.

This Room Use Policy was approved by the Trustees of The Board
of the Abbeville County Library System on March 19, 2013.